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Team Building: Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance, 5th Edition



Team Building: Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance, 5th Edition

W. Gibb Dyer Jr., Jeffrey H. Dyer, William G. Dyer

ISBN: 978-1-118-41614-3 January 2013 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages



Now in its fifth edition, Team Building is a classic in the field of organization development. In this new edition, the authors strengthen the Four Cs framework that was introduced in the fourth edition and add a wealth of new illustrative examples, a chapter on the challenges of managing cross-functional teams, and a chapter on leading innovative teams in a competitive environment. To complement the text, the authors have developed two online assessments: one designed for use in the classroom with student teams and one designed for teams within organizations. For more information, please visit

The fifth edition of Team Building provides the next generation of team leaders, team members, and team consultants with the knowledge and skills they need to create effective and high-functioning teams.


"First rate. It is a treasure trove of ideas, tools, and examples."
Dave Ulrich, professor, University of Michigan; partner, The RBL Group

"What an amazing gift! The 'bible' of team building has been updated and expanded. Solid theory is combined with the most practical of techniques. Practitioners of team building and OD are huge beneficiaries of this monumental work."
Jack Zenger, cofounder and chief executive officer, Zenger-Folkman; coauthor of the best-selling The Extraordinary Leader and Results-Based Leadership

About the Online Assessments v

Introduction 1

Part One: The Four Cs of Team Development 9

1 The Search for the High-Performing Team 11

2 Context: Laying the Foundation for Team Success 21

3 Composition: Getting the Right People on the Bus 37

4 Competencies: Developing Team Skills for High Performance 57

5 Change: Devising More Effective Ways of Working Together 85

6 Bringing the Four Cs Together: Designing a Team-Building Program 103

Part Two: Solving Specific Problems Through Team Building 127

7 Managing Conflict in the Team 129

8 Overcoming Unhealthy Agreement 155

9 Reducing Conflict Between Teams 169

10 Leading Innovative Teams 183

Part Three: Team Building in Different Types of Teams 205

11 Managing the Temporary Team 207

12 Creating Effective Cross-Cultural Teams 219

13 High-Performing Virtual Teams 235

14 Managing Interorganizational Alliance Teams 247

Part Four: The Challenge of Team Building for the Future 267

15 Challenges for Building Effective Teams 269

Notes 278

The Authors 287

Index 289