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TeamGuides: A Self-Directed System for Teams



TeamGuides: A Self-Directed System for Teams

Brad Humphrey, Jeff Stokes

ISBN: 978-0-787-91102-7 September 1997 Pfeiffer 84 Pages


Create powerful self-directed teams with TeamGuides!

TeamGuides is a set of simple, yet powerful, reproducible guidesthat enable teams to organize their thinking, planning andfollow-through. Instructions for each TeamGuides form define theform's purpose and suggests how it can be applied. Anyone withinyour teams, whether they are an experienced facilitator or anovice, can make use of these tools.

You'll get forms essential to:

* Assessing projects
* Managing meetings
* Solving problems
* Maintaining relationships with internal and external customersand clients
* Developing the roles and vision of a team?and more!

Plus, you can reinforce the concepts of TeamGuides with theTeamGuides Pocket Coach! This handy, pocket-size set of remindersis a step-by-step guide to the team-building and team-managementtools presented in TeamGuides. Samples of all team forms areincluded in the Pocket Coach, along with instructions for fillingout the forms and practical tips for using them. You'll need onePocket Coach for every team member.

Use TeamGuides and the TeamGuides Pocket Coach to empower yourteams today!
Meeting-Management Forms
Problem Solving Tools
Customer/Supplier Relationship Tools
Project-Assessment Forms