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Technical Analysis Tools: Creating a Profitable Trading System

Technical Analysis Tools: Creating a Profitable Trading System

Mark Tinghino, Alan Rohrbach (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-88521-5

May 2010

320 pages


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Most investors know that highly profitable trading methods employ a number of technical analysis tools. Unfortunately, choosing the right ones is easier said than done.

In Technical Analysis Tools, professional trader Mark Tinghino cuts through the clutter. First, he demystifies the essential technical approaches such as chart patterns, indicators, Market Profile, and Elliott Wave. He also introduces a new instrument of his own: the cyclical model, which helps identify trend reversals. Next, he provides techniques that turn the tools into trading programs. Those techniques include how to time buying and selling, how to account for the effect of fundamental analysis on technical analysis, and how to use spreads to effectively manage risk.

Real-world examples, objective analyses of how successful investors implement their own trading systems, and dozens of charts and graphs make Technical Analysis Tools exceptionally clear and practical.

Foreword (Alan Rohrbach).



Part One: Technical Analysis Trading Arsenal.

1 Approaches to Market Analysis.

2 Fundamentals: Navigating the Labyrinth.

3 Chart Patterns: Landscape of the Market.

4 Alternative Charting Techniques.

5 Indicator Soup: Not-so-secret Recipes.

6 The Market as a Wave Phenomenon.

7 Leveraging Derivatives.

8 Finessing the Risk Factor with Spreads.

Part Two: Putting It All Together.

9 A Cyclical Model of the Markets.

10 Backtesting and Planning Trading Strategies.

11 Mental Discipline and Risk Management.

Appendix A: Commonly Used Technical Indicators.

Appendix B: Futures Products with High Daily Volume.

Appendix C: Educational Resources.

Appendix D: Trading Reports and Other Forms of News Service.

Appendix E: Software Products.