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Technical Trading Online

Technical Trading Online

Jerold Roth, Trader X

ISBN: 978-0-471-43654-6

Feb 2002

224 pages



The four golden rules of trading in one invaluable book

Here is the first online trading book to present a detailed approach to using technical analysis online in the real world of stock trading for any trader, regardless of his or her strategy. Using a comprehensive trading model that can be modified to meet the individual trader's needs, this professionally crafted advice will make a pro out of anyone. Also included is a reference to the next online resources for charting.
The Golden Rules of Stock Trading.

The Kinematic Model.


Continuation and Reversal Signals for Trends.

Buy and Sell Signals.

Breeds of Stock Traders.

Trading Stocks Online.

Setting Up Your Monitor.

Buying and Selling Online.

Online Information Sources.

Developing a System.

The Daily Plan.


Breaking the Rules.