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Techniques for the Study of Ion-Molecule Reactions

Techniques for the Study of Ion-Molecule Reactions


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The first comprehensive collection of all the major techniques used to study gas phase interactions is presented in this volume. With complete coverage of what a given technique can accomplish, its advantages and disadvantages, the book is designed to teach advanced students and researchers entering the field how to investigate a broad range of topics. Included is coverage of traditional topics such as ion cyclotron resonance, as well as more recent innovations, including Fourier transform mass spectrometry and ionic cluster studies. Several diagrams of instrumentation and examples of experimental data are also provided.
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectrometry (P. Kemper & M.Bowers).

Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (B. Freiser).

Neutral Products from Electron Bombardment Flow Studies (T.Morton).

Flowing Afterglow and SIFT (N. Adams & D. Smith).

Pulsed Electron High Pressure Mass Spectrometer (P. Kebarle).

Nuclear-Decay Techniques (F. Cacace & M. Speranza).

Ion-Beam Methods (J. Farrar).

State-Selected and State-to-State Ion-Molecule Reaction Dynamics byPhotoionization Methods (C.-Y.


Spectroscopic Probes (M. Tsuji).

Infrared Laser Photolysis (C. Johnson & J. Brauman).

Pulsed Methods for Cluster Ion Spectroscopy (M. Johnson & W.Lineberger).