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Techniques of Chemistry: Molecular Design of Electrode Surfaces

Techniques of Chemistry: Molecular Design of Electrode Surfaces

Royce W. Murray (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-55773-9

May 1992

448 pages

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A large and detailed volume on the design and control of the molecular character of electrode surfaces. Leading research scholars have contributed material dealing with the development and understanding of molecularly designed electrodes. Topics include: catalysis at coated electrodes, clay and zeolite layers, adsorption on electrode surfaces, electronically conducting polymers and more.
Adsorbed Organic Molecules at Well-Defined Electrode Surfaces (G. Salaita & A. Hubbard).

Modification of Electrode Surfaces with Self-Organized Electroactive Microstructures (J. Facci).

Dynamics of Electron Transport in Polymeric Assemblies of Redox Centers (M. Majda).

Catalysis at Redox Polymer Coated Electrodes (C. Andrieux & J.-M.


Electrodes Modified with Clays, Zeolites, and Related Microporous Solids (A. Bard & T. Mallouk).

Electron Transfer Mediation in Metal Complex Polymer Films (C. Leidner).

Voltammetric Diagnosis of Charge Transport on Polymer Coated Electrodes (N. Oyama & T. Ohsaka).

Mass and Charge Transport in Electronically Conductive Polymers (C. Martin & L. Van Dyke).