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Technische Katalyse

Technische Katalyse

Stephen Hawkins

ISBN: 978-3-527-62483-6

Nov 2008

459 pages

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Without catalysts industrial production, research and environmental technology would all be unthinkable. Although 80% of all large-scale industrial processes are catalytic, many scientists and engineers limit themselves to proceeding on empirical lines. They frequently do not possess the basic knowledge for a systematic development and application of catalysts.

This book treats both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis - whereby special emphasis is placed on idustrial processes while environmental aspects and economic data also receive their fair of attention. Each chapter includes many practical examples. What has been learned can be controlled by means of exercises. In this way it is now possible for the first time to study technological catalysis independently using this textbook with exercises. The practitioner will find valuable help, for instance information concerning statistical planning of research or the simulation of catalytic reactors.
Das Phänomen Katalyse
Wirkungsweise und Unterteilung der Katalysatoren
Vergleich von homogener und heterogener Katalyse
Schlüsselreaktionen der homogenen Katalyse
Gesamtbetrachtung in Kreisprozessen
Katalysatorkonzept: Harte und weiche Katalysatoren
Charakterisierung von Katalysatoren
Homogen katalysierte Verfahren in der Technik
Teilschritte, Kinetik und Mechanismen
Einsatzformen, Herstellung und Charakterisierung heterogener Katalysatoren
Planung und Entwicklung industrieller Katalysatoren
Heterogen katalysierte Verfahren in der Technik

Immobilisierung von Homogenkatalysatoren
Wirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Katalysatoren
Zukünftige Entwicklung der Katalyse