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Judy Wajcman

ISBN: 978-0-745-63805-8

May 2013, Polity

156 pages



This timely and engaging book argues that technoscientific advances are radically transforming the woman-machine relationship. However, it is feminist politics rather than the technologies themselves that make the difference. TechnoFeminism fuses the visionary insights of cyberfeminism with a materialist analysis of the sexual politics of technology.
Introduction: Feminist Utopia or Dystopia?.

1. Male Designs on Technology.

From Access to Equity.

Science as Ideology.

Technology as Patriarchal.

Sex, Class and Technology.

2. Technoscience Reconfigured.

Beyond Technological Determinism.

From Gender-Blind to Gender Aware.

Combining Feminist and Technology Studies.

3. Virtual Gender.

Networked Community.

Cyberfeminism: ‘The clitoris is a direct line to the matrtix’.

Performing Gender in Cyberspace.

Technology as Freedom.

4. The Cyborg Solution.

Embracing Science and Technology.

From Man of Science to FemaleMan©.

OncoMouseTM: Technologising Life and Reprogramming Nature.

Send in the Cyborgs.

5. Metaphor and Materiality.

Changing Technologies, Changing Subjectivities.

Towards Technofeminism.

Sociotechincal Practices: Expertise and Agency

'Draws on a range of feminist perspectives, including the liberal and radical perspectives, to aid the analysis and to suggest fruitful ways forward for feminism.'

Gender, Work & Organization

  • Gives an up-to-date analysis of the relations between gender and technology
  • Deals with popular themes such as Donna Harraway’s work on “cyborgs”
  • Provides a continuation to the arguments that Wajcman made in her previous Polity book Feminism Confronts Technology