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Technology Valuation Solutions

F. Peter Boer

ISBN: 978-0-471-65467-4 August 2004 224 Pages


A better way to value the profitability and risk of R&D projects

New technology and R&D initiatives affect companies in both the service and manufacturing sector. It's estimated that half a trillion dollars is spent worldwide each year on such efforts. Technology Valuation Solutions + website offers a methodology along with illustrative cases for valuing the profitability and risk of R&D projects.

A companion to Boer's earlier work, The Valuation of Technology (978-0-471-31638-1), this book provides additional material that will help readers assess a wide variety of projects and business scenarios. In addition to the in-depth case studies, this book includes a website featuring valuation templates that readers can customize for their own individual needs.

Preface vii

CHAPTER 1: "I'll Teach You the Value of Money" 1

CHAPTER 2: Horizon Value by Five Methods 11

CHAPTER 3: Factoring in the Risk 27

CHAPTER 4: Medical Device Case Study: A New Product for a New Application 41

CHAPTER 5: A New Product for an Existing Application 57

CHAPTER 6: Start-Ups 71

CHAPTER 7: Process Breakthrough! 95

CHAPTER 8: Improved Products 109

CHAPTER 9: Balanced R&D Portfolios 127

CHAPTER 10: Optimum Portfolios and the Efficient Frontier 157

Notes 183

About the Author 193

Index 195