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Technology and Organizations

Technology and Organizations

Paul S. Goodman, Lee S. Sproull

ISBN: 978-0-470-63940-5

Mar 1990, Jossey-Bass

304 pages

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Provides new ways for both researchers and managers to think about technology's role in people's organizational lives, showing its impact on individuals, groups, and the organization as a whole. Includes original papers from leading scholars to show how new technology requires organizations to make fundamental changes.
1. Technology as Equivoque: Sensemaking in New Technologies (Karl E. Weick).

2. Understanding Technology and the Individual in an Organizational Context (Paul S. Goodman, Terri L. Griffith, Deborah B. Fenner).

3. Work Groups: Autonomy, Technology, and Choice (Gerald I. Susman).

4. Technology and Structure: An Organizational--Level Perspective (W. Richard Scott).

5. Technology, Management, and Competitive Advantage (James G. March, Lee S. Sproull).

6. Technology and Organizations: A Cross-National Analysis (Leonard H. Lynn).

7. Technology and Organizations: An Economic/Institutional Analysis (David C. Mowery).

8. A Technological Perspective on New Forms of Organization (Raj Reddy).

9. Technology and Organizations: Integration and Opportunities (Lee S. Sproull, Paul S. Goodman).