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Technology of Underground Liquid Storage Tank Systems

Technology of Underground Liquid Storage Tank Systems

John P. Hartmann

ISBN: 978-0-471-15412-9 July 1997 312 Pages


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Public concern over the environmental and health risks posed by underground storage tank (UST) systems has given rise to myriad codes, standards, and regulations in recent years. In many states, UST owners, operators, contractors, and inspectors must prove that they understand how to apply a vast and growing body of technical and legal specifications to their work.

Technology of Underground Liquid Storage Tank Systems is based on John Hartmann's celebrated training course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison--the longest-running, most well-attended course of its kind. It was written for busy engineers, contractors, owner/operators, and inspectors who need to come up to speed on both the technology and the regulatory requirements involved in designing, installing, and closing USTs.

This complete, practical guide covers all the bases, from site assessment to damage control, regulatory compliance and legal considerations to project management. Drawing upon his 35 years of experience as a UST contractor and consultant, as well as the experience of several other leading experts in the field, Mr. Hartmann provides careful, step-by-step guidance and a gold mine of practical advice on how to avoid most technical and legal snags commonly encountered in building, maintaining, or removing USTs.
Codes, Regulations, and Recommended Practices.

Contract Documents.

Legal Considerations in Tank Installation.

Project Management.

Material Handling.

Excavating and Trenching.

Supplemental Holddown.

Backfilling and Compaction.

Secondary Containment and Overfill/Spill Protection.


Electrical Installation.

Equipment Installation.


Tank Closure.


Release Detection.

Corrosion Control.

Vapor Recovery Systems.

Site Assessment, Investigation, and Responsibility.

Corrective Action.