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Telecommunication System Engineering, 4th Edition

Telecommunication System Engineering, 4th Edition

Roger L. Freeman

ISBN: 978-0-471-45133-4 June 2004 1024 Pages


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From the review of the Third Edition:

""A must for anyone in volved in the practical aspects of the telecommunications industry.""

  • Outlines the expertise essential to the successful operation and design of every type of telecommunications networks in use today
  • New edition is fully revised and expanded to present authoritative coverage of the important developments that have taken place since the previous edition was published
  • Includes new chapters on hot topics such as cellular radio, asynchronous transfer mode, broadband technologies, and network management

Preface xxiii

Chapter 1 Basic Telephony 1

Chapter 2 Local Networks 41

Chapter 3 Switching in an Analog Environment 73

Chapter 4 Signaling for Analog Telephone Networks 111

Chapter 5 Introduction to Transmission for Telephony 139

Chapter 6 Long-Distance Networks 157

Chapter 7 The Design of Long-Distance Links 185

Chapter 8 Digital Transmission Systems 261

Chapter 9 Digital Switching and Networks 317

Chapter 10 Introduction to Data Communications 365

Chapter 11 Data Networks and their Operation 409

Chapter 12 Voice-Over IP 483

Chapter 13 Local Area Networks 501

Chapter 14 Integrated Services Digital Networks 565

Chapter 15 Speeding Things Up with Frame Relay 603

Chapter 16 The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Broadband ISDN 631

Chapter 17 CCITT Signaling System No. 7 681

Chapter 18 Wireless and Cellular/Mobile Radio 737

Chapter 19 Last-Mile Broadband Connectivity and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) 805

Chapter 20 Optical Networking 835

Chapter 21 Network Management 871

Appendix 1 Acronyms and Abbreviations 911

Index 931