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Telecommunications Network Management: Technologies and Implementations



Telecommunications Network Management: Technologies and Implementations

Salah Aidarous (Editor), Thomas Plevyak (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-780-33454-0 December 1997 Wiley-IEEE Press 342 Pages


"This volume brings together the full range of topics intelecommunications network management, including the evolution ofmanagement techniques and first-hand accounts of managementexperiences in new technologies and services. The reader willunderstand how information modeling and distributed management helpin simplifying network representation, introducing computingplatforms, where necessary, and offsetting operationscosts.Telecommunications Network Management is key to successfullykeeping up with the increasingly market-driven telecommunicationsfield. It covers a wide range of topics from the evolution ofmanagement techniques to the experiences of management in newtechnologies and services. Where the authors' previous book,NETWORK MANAGEMENT INTO THE 21st CENTURY, introduced networkmanagement techniques, standards, and applications, this bookcovers the implementation of these concepts in today'stelecommunications industry. Foremost experts in the field havecontributed all original material for this important book that willprovide the reader with experiences in implementing managementinfrastructures for information networking."

Sponsored by:
IEEE Communications Society.
Guest Introduction.

Editors' Introduction.

Information Modeling and Its Role in Network Management (L. Raman).

OSI Systems Management, Internet SNMP, and ODP/OMG CORBA as Technologies for Telecommunications Network Management (G. Pavlou).

Management Platforms (G. Pauthner & J. Power).

Management of Personal Communications Services (PCS) Networks (V. K. Garg).

Managing Mobile Networks: From Cellular Systems to Satellite Networks (Y. Yemini & G. Moss).

Management of CATV Networks (J. Brouse & M. Beshir).

Architectural Integrity as a Countermeasure to Complexity in the Telecommunications Management System Life Cycle (M. Ahrens).

The Impact of Telecommunications in Europe and the Requirement for Network Management (E. Bagnasco & M. Geymonat).


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