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Telecommunications Optimization: Heuristic and Adaptive Techniques

Telecommunications Optimization: Heuristic and Adaptive Techniques

David W. Corne (Editor), Martin J. Oates (Editor), George D. Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85338-2 November 2000 416 Pages




Written in an accessible and easy-to-read style, this
cutting-edge book presents advanced solutions to current
and future telecommunications optimization problems. The
field of telecommunications is growing and changing ever
more rapidly, presenting new real-world problems for
optimization researchers to address. Telecommunications
engineers tend to know all about the problems involved but
are often not aware of developments in computer science
and artificial intelligence that might solve those problems.
This unique book takes a colloborative approach describing
the essence of the problems and then the heuristic and
adaptive techniques which are now recognised as adept at
solving these problems. In addition the emerging
technologies in telecommunications and increasing use of
the Internet expand the role that advanced heuristic and
adaptive methods can play.

Topics covered include:

Heuristic techniques covering local search methods
and population-based search techniques
Adaptive computation techniques covering neural
computation, fuzzy logic and game theory
Practical and successful ways to address problems in
network design and planning, routing, protocol
design and network management

This state-of-the-art book will be an essential resource for
optimization researchers needing a wider appreciation of
the problems in telecommunications, and indispensable for
telecommunications engineers using heuristic and adaptive
Heuristic and Adaptive Techniques in Telecommunications: An Introduction.


Evolutionary Methods for the Design of Reliable Networks.

Efficient Network Design using Heuristic and Genetic Algorithms.

Tabu Search and Evolutionary Scatter Search for 'Tree-Star' Network Problems, with Applications to Leased Line Network Design.

Addressing Optimization Issues in Network Planning with Evolutionary Computation.

Node-Pair Encoding Genetic Programming for Optical Mesh Network Topology Design.

Optimizing The Access Network.


Routing Control in Packet Switched Networks using Soft Computing Techniques.

The Genetic Adaptive Routing Algorithm.

Optimization of Restoration and Routing Strategies.

GA-based Verification of Network Protocols Performance.

Neural Networks for the Optimization of Runtime Adaptable Communication Protocols.


Adaptive Demand-based Heuristics for Traffic Reduction in Distributed Information Systems.

Exploring Evolutionary Approaches to Distributed Database Management.

The Automation of Software Validation using Evolutionary Computation.

Evolutionary Game Theory Applied to Service Selection and Network Ecologies.

Intelligent Flow Control Under Game Theoretic Framework.

Global Search Techiques for problems in Mobile Communications.

An Effective Genetic Algorithm for Fixed Channel Assignment.