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Test and Evaluation of Complex Systems



Test and Evaluation of Complex Systems

Matthew T. Reynolds

ISBN: 978-0-471-96719-4 January 1997 186 Pages


Is it functional? Is it safe? Is it rigorous? Is it detrimental?Over the last two decades Test and Evaluation (T&E) techniqueshave evolved in response to the increasing complexity andinterdependency of systems. The safe and proper operation of thecomplex systems and consumer products used in energy,transportation, electronics and communications, can no longer berealized without a formalized T&E program. Featuresinclude:
* Easy-to-understand guide to the seven Best Practices for planningan effective T&E program
* A useful model of the T&E Engineering process
* T&E of computer programs, Modelling and Simulation,Operational T&E and Interoperability T&E
* Case studies from both governmental and commercial sectors
* T&E resources world-wide including the addresses of localT&E chapters
Purposely written with the priorities of you the program managerand systems engineer in mind. This book masterfully captures thebasic principles of T&E, specifically applying them to avariety of industries. Test and Evaluation of Complex Systems formspart of the Wiley Series in Measurement Science and Technology.Chief Editor: Peter Sydenham Australian Centre for Test andEvaluation, University of South Australia. This series was foundedto coincide with the recognition of measurement science andinstrument technology as fields with their own scholarship andtechniques.
The New Age of Testing.

Types of Test & Evaluation.

Evolution of Recent T&E Practices.

The Process: T&E Engineering.

T&E Program Documentation.

T&E Techniques.

The Seven Best Practices.

Summary: The Future of T&E.


Further Reading.