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Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, 4th Edition



Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, 4th Edition

Jens O. Andreasen (Editor), Frances M. Andreasen (Editor), Lars Andersson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-69990-4 May 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 912 Pages


Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth encompasses the full scope of acute dental trauma, including all aspects of inter-disciplinary treatment. This fourth edition captures the significant advances which have been made in the subject of dental traumatology, since the publication of the last edition more than a decade ago. The comprehensive nature of the book is designed to appeal to distinguished clinicians and scholars of dental traumatology, whether they be oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, endodontists, or from a related specialist community.
1. Wound Healing Subsequent to Injury.

F. Gottrup, S. Storgård Jensen and J.O. Andreasen.

2. Response of Oral Tissues to Trauma.

J.O. Andreasen and H. Løvschall.

3. Stem Cells and Regeneration of Injured Dental Tissue.

H. Løvschall, W.V. Giannobile, M.J. Somerman, O. Jin and J.O. Andreasen.

4. Osteoclastic Activity.

S.F. Lindskog, C.W. Dreyer, A.M. Pierce, M. Torabinejad and M. Shabahang.

5. Physical and Chemical Methods to Optimize Pulpal and Periodontal Healing after Traumatic Injuries.

M. Trope.

6. Socio-psychological Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries.

W. Marcenes and Ulla Rydå.

7. Child Physical Abuse.

R.R. Welbury.

8. Classification, Epidemiology and Etiology.

U. Glendor, W. Marcenes and J.O. Andreasen.

9. Examination and Diagnosis of Dental Injuries.

F.M. Andreasen, J.O. Andreasen and M. Tsukiboshi.

10. Crown Fractures.

F.M. Andreasen and J.O. Andreasen.

11. Crown-Root Fractures.

J.O. Andreasen and F.M. Andreasen.

12. Root Fracture.

F.M. Andreasen, J.O. Andreasen and M. Cvek.

13. Luxation Injuries of Permanent Teeth: General Findings.

F.M. Andreasen and J.O. Andreasen.

14. Concussion and Subluxation.

F.M. Andreasen and J.O. Andreasen.

15. Extrusive Luxation and Lateral Luxation.

F.M. Andreasen and J.O. Andreasen.

16. Intrusive Luxation.

J.O. Andreasen and F.M. Andreasen.

17. Avulsions.

J.O. Andreasen and F.M. Andreasen.

18. Injuries to the Supporting Bone.

J.O. Andreasen.

19. Injuries to the Primary Dentition.

M.T. Flores, G. Holan, M. Borum and J.O. Andreasen.

20. Injuries to Developing Teeth.

J.O. Andreasen and M.T. Flores.

21. Soft Tissue Injuries.

L. Andersson and J.O. Andreasen.

22. Endodontic Management and the Use of Calcium Hydroxyde in Traumatized Permanent Teeth.

M. Cvek.

23. New Endodontic Procedures using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) for Teeth with Traumatic Injuries.

Leif K Bakland.

24. Orthodontic Management of the Traumatized Dentition.

O. Malmgren and B Malmgren.

25. Restoration of Traumatized Teeth with Resin Composites.

U. Pallesen and J.W.V. van Dijken.

26. Resin-related Bridges and Conventional Bridges in the Anterior Region.

N.H.J. Creugers and C.M. Kreulen.

27. Autotransplantation of Teeth to the Anterior Region.

J.O. Andreasen, L. Andersson and M Tsukiboshi.

28. Implants in the Anterior Region.

J.O. Andreasen, C. Hämmerle, J. Ödman, D. Buser, T. von Arx, J. Jensen, S.E. Nörholt and O Schwartz.

29. Esthetic Considerations in Restoring the Traumatized Dentition: a Biological Approach.

B.U. Zachrisson and S. Toreskog.

30. Prevention of Dental and Oral Injuries.

A. Sigurdsson.

31. Prognosis of Traumatic Dental Injuries.

P.K. Andersen, F.M. Andreasen and J.O. Andreasen.

32. Splinting of Traumatized Teeth.

K.S. Oikarinen.

33. Bleaching of the Discoloured Traumatized Tooth.

J.E. Dahl and U. Pallesen.

34. Economical Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries.

U. Glendor, L. Andersson and J.O. Andreasen.

35. Information to the Public, Patients and Emergency Services about Traumatic Dental Injuries.

M.T. Flores

Review Comments on the 4th Edition

Drs Jens Andreasen, Frances Andreasen and Lars Andersson, along with 41 contributors, have created a truly marvellous work of professional sophistication, clinical relevance, compassionate awareness and futuristic projections in this evidence-based approach to the contemporary challenges that practitioners and researchers face in the understanding and management of traumatic injuries to the teeth.

Overall this text and its contents are second to none in all of dental publishing... As a profession we are forever in their debt for providing us with this beacon of science and clinical practice.

James L. Gutmann, Endo -- Endodontic Practice Today

Every dental professional and specialist will benefit from this text, which presents a variety of interesting traditional and nontraditional material. The illustrations are breathtaking, balancing histology with contemporary esthetic management.

The text is clear and well written with references throughout.

Traumatic Injuries will serve as an excellent reference for practitioners and specialists who have a good working knowledge of dental traumatology, but it is a gold standard for building the student’s lifelong reference library.

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Review Comments on the Previous Edition
The first impression one has of this book is its sheer size and the array of beautiful color illustrations inside . . . In summary, it is a remarkable text, eminently readable with superb illustrations . . . Every self-respecting dental library, personal or institutional, should have a copy.
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  • Includes a variety of new chapters and contributors
  • Authoritative, international authorship
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