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Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, 5th Edition



Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, 5th Edition

Jens O. Andreasen (Editor), Frances M. Andreasen (Editor), Lars Andersson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-16707-5 September 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 1064 Pages


Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth, Fifth Edition encompasses the full scope of acute dental trauma, including all aspects of interdisciplinary treatment. This new edition embraces the significant advances made in the subject of dental traumatology since the publication of the previous edition in 2007. Thoroughly updated throughout, it includes eight new chapters, including one chapter focused on the development of bioengineered teeth and another on clinical regenerative endodontics.

Providing the theoretical background behind the clinical applications, the text is supplemented by a step-by-step online guide to procedures at The book is also filled with full-color illustrations throughout—making it the ultimate guide for anyone treating individuals afflicted with dental injuries caused by traffic accidents, sporting injuries, violent assaults, and other falls, crashes, or injuries.

  • New edition of the definitive reference on dental traumatology
  • Thoroughly revised and updated with a modern look and feel
  • Eight new chapters on innovative developments in the field
  • Contributions from world-renowned authors and editors
  • Linked to with a specific chapter on how the book complements the online guide

This comprehensive textbook is an invaluable reference for undergraduate BDS courses worldwide, as well as a core text for postgraduate pediatric, oral surgery, and endodontics courses.



1 Wound Healing Subsequent to Injury
F. Gottrup & J. O. Andreasen

2 Response of Oral Tissues to Trauma
J. O. Andreasen, H. Lovschall & D. Ricucci

3 Response of Traumatized Dental Tissues to Various Treatment Procedures
J. O. Andreasen

4 Prediction and Timing of Healing Complications
J. O. Andreasen

5 Characteristics of Oral Stem Cells and Their Role in Dental Tissue Regeneration
G. T.‐J. Huang, P. Gauthier, M. Jamal & M. Al‐Habib

6 Development of a Bio‐Root
S. Wang, F. Wei, Z. Gao & L. Hu

7 Bone-Resorbing Osteoclasts
U. H. Lerner

8 Physical and Chemical Methods to Optimize Pulpal and Periodontal Healing After Traumatic Injuries
M. Trope

9 Psychosocial Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries
J. Traebert, U. Ryda & A. Robertson

10 Child Physical Abuse and Neglect
R. R. Welbury & A. M. Cairns

11 Classification, Epidemiology and Etiology
L. Andersson, S. Petti, P. Day, K. Kenny, U. Glendor & J. O. Andreasen

12 Examination and Diagnosis of Dental Injuries
F. M. Andreasen, J. O. Andreasen, M. Tsukiboshi & N. Cohenca

13 Crown Fractures
F. M. Andreasen, E. Lauridsen & J. O. Andreasen

14 Crown‐Root Fractures
J. O. Andreasen, F. M. Andreasen, M. Tsukiboshi & F. Eichelsbacher

15 Root Fractures
F. M. Andreasen, J. O. Andreasen & G. Tsilingaridis

16 Luxation Injuries of Permanent Teeth: General Findings
F. M. Andreasen, J. O. Andreasen & E. Lauridsen

17 Concussion and Subluxation
F. M. Andreasen, E. Lauridsen & J. O. Andreasen

18 Extrusive Luxation and Lateral Luxation
F. M. Andreasen, E. Lauridsen & J. O. Andreasen

19 Intrusive Luxation
J. O. Andreasen, F. M. Andreasen & G. Tsilingaridis

20 Avulsions
J. O. Andreasen, F. M. Andreasen & G. Tsilingaridis

21 Injuries to the Supporting Bone
J. O. Andreasen & E. Lauridsen

22 Injuries to the Primary Dentition
M. T. Flores, G. Holan, J. O. Andreasen & E. Lauridsen

23 Injuries to Developing Teeth
J. O. Andreasen, M. T. Flores & E. Lauridsen

24 Soft Tissue Injuries
L. Andersson & J. O. Andreasen

25 Management of Trauma‐Related Pulp Disease and Tooth Resorption
M. Cvek, P. V. Abbott, L. K. Bakland & G. S. Heithersay

26 Regenerative Endodontics
B. Kahler & L. M. Lin

27 Reinforcing Endodontically Treated Teeth
A. Kishen

28 Orthodontic Management of the Traumatized Dentition
O. Malmgren & B. Malmgren

29 Restoration of Traumatized Teeth with Resin Composites
U. Pallesen & J. W. V. van Dijken

30 Restorations Using Porcelain Laminate Veneers
D. M. Layton & T. R. Walton

31 Resin‐Bonded Bridges and Conventional Bridges in the Anterior Region
K. Gotfredsen & B. Pjetursson

32 Dentoalveolar Ankylosis, Decoronation and Alveolar Bone Preservation
B. Malmgren, O. Malmgren & L. Andersson

33 Autotransplantation of Teeth to the Anterior Region
J. O. Andreasen, L. Andersson, M. Tsukiboshi & E. M. Czochrowska

34 Strategies for Treatment of Tooth Loss after Trauma to the Anterior Region of Young Patients
L. Andersson, B. Malmgren, O. Malmgren & S. Storgard Jensen

35 Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone
S. Storgard Jensen, V. Chappuis & D. Buser

36 Esthetic Considerations in Restoring the Traumatized Dentition: a Biologic Approach
B. U. Zachrisson & S. Toreskog

37 Prevention of Dental and Oral Injuries
A. Sigurdsson & N. Cohenca

38 Prognosis of Traumatic Dental Injuries: Statistical Considerations
P. K. Andersen, F. M. Andreasen & J. O. Andreasen

39 Splinting of Traumatized Teeth
J. O. Andreasen & K. S. Oikarinen

40 Bleaching of the Discolored Traumatized Tooth
J. E. Dahl, S. E. Kopperud & U. Pallesen

41 Economic Aspects of Traumatic Dental Injuries
U. Glendor, L. Andersson & J. O. Andreasen

42 Information to the Public, Patients and Emergency Services on Traumatic Dental Injuries
M. T. Flores, M. Al‐Sane & L. Andersson

43 Dental Trauma Guide
J. O. Andreasen, E. Lauridsen & T. A. Gerds

44 International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT)
L. Andersson, J. O. Andreasen & A. Moule