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Textbook of Organ Transplantation

Textbook of Organ Transplantation

Allan D. Kirk (Editor), Stuart J. Knechtle (Editor), Christian P. Larsen (Editor), Thomas C. Pearson (Editor), Joren C. Madsen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-65841-3

Jun 2014, Wiley-Blackwell

1904 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Organ transplants have been done in the US since the 1950's. Transplantation is constantly improving and is more successful today than ever before. This book demonstrates the importance of organ transplantation in society as well as it's importance in relation to other fields of medicine.

List of Contributors

Section 1 History/Introduction

0 Introduction
Allan D Kirk and Steven B Webber

1 A Brief History of Clinical Organ Transplantation
Sir Roy Yorke Calne

Section 2 Transplantation Biology


2 Physiology of the Immune System
Heth R. Turnquist, Giorgio Raimondi, Diana Metes and Angus W. Thomson

3 Development of HLA, cross-matching, etc.
Paul Terasaki

4 Transplant Antigen Biology
Raja Rajalingam, Qiuheng Zhang, J Michael Cecka, Elaine F. Reed

5 Cellular Mechanisms of Adaptive Immunology
Maria-Luisa Alegre

6 Humoral Mechanisms of Adaptive Immunology
William M Baldwin III, and Robert L Fairchild

7 Innate Immunity
Melissa Y. Yeung, Sacha A. De Serres, and Xian C. Li

8 Mechanisms of Regulation
Kathryn J. Wood, Andrew Bushell, and Joanna Hester

9 The Spectrum of Alloimmunity, Heterologous Immunity, and Relevant Autoimmunity
Mandy L. Ford, Andrew B. Adams, and Christian P. Larsen

10 Fundamental Concepts Regarding Graft Injury and Regeneration: Tissue Injury, Tissue Quality, and Recipient Factors
Chatchai Kreepala, Konrad S Famulski and Philip F Halloran

11 Mechanisms of Allograft Tolerance
Allan D Kirk and Raul Badell

12 Xenoimmunity 
Peter J. Cowan and Anthony J.F. d’Apice

Experimental Transplantation

13 In Vitro Models of Alloreactivity
Robert L. Fairchild, Charles A. Su, Anna Valujskikh, and William M. Baldwin III
14 Small Animal Models
Lakshman Gunaratnam, Anthony M. Jevnikar and Roslyn B. Mannon

15 Large Animal Models
Douglas J. Anderson, Benjamin M. Martin, Allan D. Kirk, and David H. Sachs
16 Advancing In Silico: Studying Global Gene Expression Using Functional Genomics for Transplantation Research
Steven Head, Sunil M. Kurian and Daniel R.  Salomon

Mechanisms of Immune Modulation
17 Pathways for Immune Manipulation 
Jason R. Lees, Agnes M. Azimzadeh, Yaozhong Ding, Jiangnan Xu, and Jonathan S. Bromberg

18 Future Pathways for Immune Manipulation
Allison Webber and  Flavio Vincenti

Section 3 Organ Procurement
Procurement & Allocation

19 Organ Procurement & Allocation
Jennifer Porter, Lori E. Brigham, and Susan Gunderson

20 Deceased donor management
John Fung, Koji Hashimoto, Bijan Eghtesad, Daniel J Lebovitz and Melissa Watson

Techniques for Organ Procurement

21 Donation after Brain Death
Rupert Oberhuber, Timm Heinbokel, Zain Khalpey, Sayeed Malek, and Stefan G. Tullius

22 Donation after Cardiac Death
Chandrasekar Santhanakrishnan and Anthony M. D'Alessandro

23 Living Donor: Kidney
Ken Newell

24 Living Donor: Liver
Koji Hashimoto, Cristiano Quintini, and Charles M. Miller

Preservation and Resuscitation

25 Organ Preservation and Resuscitation: Abdominal Organs
Henri G.D. Leuvenink and Rutger J. Ploeg

26 Organ Preservation and Resuscitation: Thoracic Organs
Jonathan C. Yeung, Marcelo Cypel, John M. Craig, and Shaf Keshavjee

27 Kidney Paired Donation Networks
Adam W. Bingaman and Cathi L. Murphey

Section 4 Pre-operative Management

Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation

28 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Kidney
Jeremy Goodman and Robert S. Gaston

29 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Liver
Kimberly A. Brown and Marwan Kazimi

30 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Heart
Andrew L. Smith and Daniel B. Sims

31 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Lung
Edward R. Garrity Jnr and Julia B. Becker

32 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Pancreas & islet
Alexandra Turner and Nicole A. Turgeon

33 Patient Selection and Indications for Organ Transplantation: Intestinal & multivisceral Douglas G. Farmer and Robert S. Venick

34 Role of Primary Care Provider in Care of Abdominal Organ Transplant Patients 
Peggy B. Hasley, Kristine S Schonder, and Ron Shapiro

35 Role of Primary Care Provider in Care of Thoracic Organ Transplant Patients Remzi Bag, Arvind Bhimaraj, and Sireesha Garikipati

The Histocompatibility Lab
36 Alloantibodies, Sensitization and Virtual Crossmatching
Robert Bray and Howard Gebel

Waiting List Management

37 Waiting List Management: Kidney 
Phuong-Thu T. Pham, Phuong-Chi T. Pham, and Gabriel M. Danovitch

38 Waiting List Management: Liver
John G O'Grady

39 Waiting List Management: Heart
Howard J. Eisen

40 Waiting list management: Lung
E. Clinton Lawrence and David Neujahr

41 Waiting list management: Pancreas and islet
Jon S. Odorico

42 Waiting List Management: Intestinal and Multi-visceral
Kareem M. Abu-Elmagd and Guilherme Costa

Intensive Care in End Organ Failure
43 Intensive Care in End Organ Failure: Liver
Ram Subramanian and Jenny Han

44 Intensive Care in End Organ Failure: Heart
Maryl R. Johnson, Josef Stehlik, Deborah Budge and Michael S. Kiernan

45 Intensive Care in End Organ Failure: Lung
John Adam Reich and R. Eliot Fagley

Artificial Organs and Assist Devices
46 Dialysis
Myriam Farah and John S. Gill

47 Artificial Liver, in vivo tissue engineering, and organ printing - solutions for organ scarcity 
Peter Neuhaus, Igor M Sauer and Nathanael Raschzok

48 Ventricular Assist devices
O.H. Frazier and Steven M. Parnis
49 Artificial Heart
Hannah Copeland, Jennifer Berumen, Richard G. Smith, and Jack G. Copeland

50 The Development and Use of Artificial Lungs in Lung Transplantation
A. Claire Watkins and Bartley P. Griffith

51 Totally Artificial Pancreas
Desmond Barry Keenan and Garry M. Steil

52 Tissue & organ bioengineering
Tracy C. Grikscheit and Erik R. Barthel

Organ Acceptance and Risk Management Assessment

53 Standard and Extended Criteria Donors
Stephen T. Bartlett and Matthew Cooper

54 Donation after Cardiac Death
Silke Niederhaus and Anthony M. D'Alessandro

Section 5 Transplant Procedure & Surgical Technique

55 Kidney Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Paul L.Tso and Thomas C Pearson

56 Liver Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Joseph F. Magliocca, Steven I. Hanish, Eugenia K. Page and Stuart J. Knechtle

57 Living Donor Liver Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Sung-Gyu Lee, Deok-Bog Moon and Chung-Man Namgoong

58 Heart Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
John M. Craig, Soyoung Lee, Gus J. Vlahakes, and Joren C. Madsen

59 Lung Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
R. Duane Davis

60 Pancreas Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Jon S. Odorico, Hans Sollinger and Dixon Kaufman

61 Islet Cell Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
A.M. James Shapiro and Camillo Ricordi

62 Intestinal Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Thomas Fishbein

63 Multi-visceral Transplantation 
Alan Langnas and Lokesh Bathla

64 Vascularized Composite Allograft (VCA) Transplantation Procedure & Surgical Technique
Gerald Brandacher, Jaimie T. Shores, Chad R. Gordon, Damon S. Cooney, and W. P. Andrew Lee

Section 6 Post-transplant Management

Immunosuppressive Therapy

65 Induction Therapy
Ali H. Charafeddine and Allan D. Kirk

66 Maintenance Therapy
Karen L. Hardinger, Daniel C. Brennan, and Christina L.M. Klein

67 Rescue Therapy:  Approaches to the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Allograft Injury Mark D. Stegall and Patrick G. Dean

68 Desensitization Protocols
Carmen Lefaucheur and Denis Glotz

Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Diagnosis & Management

69 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Kidney
Brian J. Nankivell

70 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Liver
Sandy Feng and Matthew H Levine

71 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Heart
Keyur B. Shah, Joren C. Madsen and Mandeep R. Mehra

72 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Lung
David C. Neujahr

73 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Pancreas and islet
Parsia A. Vagefi and Peter G. Stock

74 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: Intestinal
Gennaro Selvaggi, Andreas Tzakis, Akin Tekin, Jennifer Garcia, Ji Fan, and Philip Ruiz Jr

75 Clinical Allograft Rejection Syndromes: VCA
Stefan Schneeberger and Gerald Brandacher

76 Clinical Transplantation Tolerance
Tatsuo Kawai, David H. Sachs, A. Benedict Cosimi

Clinical Recurrent Disease: Diagnosis and Management

77 Post-transplant Recurrent Disease: Kidney and Pancreas
Philip J. O'Connell and Lorna K. Henderson

78 Post-transplant Recurrent Disease: Liver
Samir Parekh and James R. Spivey

79 Post-transplant Recurrent Disease: Heart
Jignesh K. Patel and Jon A. Kobashigawa

80 Post-transplant Recurrent Disease: Lung
Todd L. Astor

Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease

81 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Kidney
Alton B. (Brad) Farris and Michael H. Mengel

82 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Liver
Anthony J. Demetris, Marta I. Minervini, Michael A. Nalesnik, Erin Rubin, Parmjeet Randhawa, and Eizaburo Sasatomi

83 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Heart
E. Rene Rodriguez and Carmela D Tan

84 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Lung
Carol Farver and W. Dean Wallace

85 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Pancreas and Islet
Cinthia B Drachenberg and John C Papadimitriou

86 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: Intestinal Phillip Ruiz Jr,  Jennifer Garcia,  Akin Tekin, Seigo Nishida, and Andreas Tzakis

87 Histopathological Syndromes of Graft Rejection and Recurrent Disease: VCA
Alexandra P. Turner, Alton B. “Brad” Farris, III, Alessandrina M. Freitas, and Linda C. Cendales

Post-operative Monitoring

88 Cardiovascular Disease and Preventive Healthcare 
Steve Pastan and Divya Gupta

89 Post-Transplant Monitoring for HLA Antibody
Robert A. Bray and Howard M. Gebel

90 Biomarkers and Alloimmune Monitoring
Oriol Bestard, Birgit Sawitzki and Alberto Sánchez-Fueyo

91 Protective Immune Competence
Aneesh Mehta

Transplant Infectious Diseases

92 Donor-derived Infections
Marissa B Wilck and Emily A Blumberg

93 Peri-operative Infectious Disease
Daniel Kaul and Michael Green

94 Post-Transplant Infections
Jay A Fishman and Robin K Avery

Malignancy in Transplantation

95 General Malignancy
Oriol Bestard, Josep M Cruzado and Josep M Grinyó

96 Post-Transplant lymphoproliferative disorders
Steven B. Webber and Michael Green

Pregnancy and Contraception in Transplantation

97 Pregnancy and Contraception in Transplantation
Serban Constantinescu, Veronica Gomez-Lobo, John M. Davison, Michael J. Moritz, and Vincent T. Armenti

The Transplant Pharmacopeia

98 Drugs Specifically Approved for Transplant Indications 
Winston A. Ally and Avinash Agarwal

99 Infectious Disease Prophylaxis 
G Marshall Lyon III

100 Metabolic and Endocrine Management
Naim Issa, Scott A. Reule, and Aleksandra Kukla

101 Off-Label Use of Immunosuppressive Agents in Solid Organ Transplantation
Jill C. Krisl, Rita R. Alloway, and E. Steve Woodle

102 Drug interactions
William D. Simmons, Pamala A.  Jacobson and Karen L. Hardinger

Section 7 Long-term Transplant Outcomes

103 Long-term Outcomes of Renal Transplant Recipients
Sundus A. Lodhi and Neema Stephens

104 Factors Influencing Long-Term Survival after Liver Transplantation Heidi
Yeh, Paulo Martins and James F. Markmann

105 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Heart Transplantation
Michelle M. Kittleson and Jon A. Kobashigawa

106 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation
Toshihiro Okamoto, David Wheeler, and Kenneth R. McCurry

107 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Pancreas Transplantation
Philip Y. Wai and Hans W. Sollinger

108 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Islet Transplantation
A.M. James Shapiro and Camillo Ricordi

109 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Intestinal and Multi-visceral Transplantation  Jennifer Garcia, Gennaro Selvaggi, Akin Tekin, Philip Ruiz Jr, and Andreas Tzakis

110 Long-term Transplant Outcomes: Vascularized Composite Allograft (VCA) Transplantation 
Alessandrina M. Freitas and Linda C. Cendales

Section 8 Pediatric Transplant

111 An Introduction to Pediatric Organ Transplantation
Allan D. Kirk and Steven B. Webber

112 Developmental Immunology: From birth to adult
Simon Urschel and Lori J. West

113 Pediatric Transplant: Kidney
Bill Harmon

114 Pediatric Transplant: Liver 
John C. Bucuvalas and Sandy Feng

115 Pediatric Transplant: Heart
Steven B. Webber

116 Pediatric Transplant: Lung
Stuart C. Sweet and Albert Faro

117 Pediatric Transplant: Intestinal and multivisceral Transplant
Douglas G. Farmer

Special Pediatric Considerations

118 Growth and Development After Organ Transplantation
Franz Schaefer

119 Cognitive Development and Functional Outcomes
Estella M. Alonso, Saeed Mohammad and Lisa G Sorensen

120 Nonadherence, Psychosocial Adaptation and Its Effects in Pediatric Transplantation
Robert Ettenger and Margaret L. Stuber

121 Management of the recipient in the transition from pediatric to adult care
Sandi Amaral and Lorraine E. Bell

Section 9 Transplant Administration

122 Transplant Coordination 
Dianne LaPointe Rudow

123 The Transplant Pharmacy 
Christin C Rogers, Nicole A. Pilch, Eric M. Tichy, Lonnie D Smith, David J. Taber and Rita R. Alloway

124 Inpatient Transplant Unit Management
Linda Ohler, Margaret J. Schaeffer, Kelly Carter and Donna B. George

125 Transplant Clinic Management 
Elizabeth A. Kallenborn, Chris Shay-Downer, Kathy Schwab and Shelley Zomak

126 Transplant Center Management and Leadership – A Case for Structured Intrapreneurship Luke Preczewski, Gwen McNatt, and Michael Abecassis

127 Transplant Quality Programs
Christian Morath, Peter Schemmer and Martin G. Zeier

128 National and International Transplant Management and Oversight
Jeremy Chapman, Virginia A. McBride, Esther-Marie Carmichael and Linda Ohler

Transplant Education

129 Abdominal Solid Organ Transplantation Fellowship Training
Rachel C. Forbes and Mitchell L. Henry

130 Medical Solid Organ Transplant Fellowships
Deirdre Sawinski and Roy D. Bloom

131 Transplantation in General Medical Education
Douglas J. Norman and Rowena de los Santos

Section 10 Clinical Trials & Data Management

132 Building and Sustaining a Local Data Management Program
Regina Eady, Tim Morris, Marc J. Overcash and Jeff Weaver

133 National Transplant Data Registries and Population Studies
Allan Massie and Dorry L. Segev

134 Clinical Research Methods and Analysis in Organ Transplantation
Jesse D. Schold and S. Joseph Kim

135 Comparative Effectiveness in Transplant
Edward A. Meister and Bruce Kaplan

Section 11 Transplant Policy

Transplant Ethics

136 Transplant ethics for Clinicians
Richard N. Formica Jr and Francis L. Delmonico

137 Organ Allocation 
Richard S. Luskin and Alexandra K. Glazier

138 Living Donation 
Alice Peng and Andrew Klein

139 Cultural Variations
Chris J. Callaghan and J. Andrew Bradley

Economic and Societal Impact of Transplantation and Transplant Policy

140 Federal and Private Insurance Coverage for Transplant Policy
Timothy L. Pruett

141 Drug Development in Solid Organ Transplantation and the Approval Process for Transplant Immunosuppressants
Candace Wang, J. Mark Hexham, Alan Slade, Peter Heining, Ronald Van Valen, Guido Junge, and Marc I. Lorber

142 Organ Specific Benefits of Transplantation: Outcomes and Economics
David A. Axelrod, Mark Schnitzler and Richard Freeman

143 National Healthcare Policy, Transplant-specific Statutes, and the Future of Organ Transplantation
Keren Ladin, Rui Wang and Douglas W. Hanto