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Textbooks for Learning: Nurturing Children's Minds

Textbooks for Learning: Nurturing Children's Minds

Marilynn Chambliss, Robert Calfee

ISBN: 978-1-557-86411-6 December 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 336 Pages


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This book is one of the most comprehensive texts discussing the design, selection and adoption of expository textbooks.


1. Today's Textbooks, Tomorrow's Minds: The Importance of Textbooks.

Part I: The Characteristics of Well-Designed Textbooks:.

2. Designing the Ideal Text.

3. The Design of Curriculum and Instruction.

4. Designing the Ideal Textbook.

5. Finding the Design in Textbook Materials.

Part II: Well Designed Textbook Publishing, State Adoption, and District Selection:.

6. Current Practices: Publishers, States, and Districts.

7. Creating a Design for Publishing, Adopting and Selecting.

Part III: Stepping into the Future:.

8. A New Approach to Textbook Design: Instructional Support Systems.

9. Bringing about the Ideal: Leaders and Collaborators.


  • Provides a complete discussion of the role and future of textbooks in teaching
  • Includes chapters on textbook design and textbook selection
  • Discusses ways that publishers and teachers can work together to create better textbooks.