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Textural Characteristics of World Foods




Textural Characteristics of World Foods

Katsuyoshi Nishinari (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-43069-8 January 2020 416 Pages

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A complete guide to the textural characteristics of an international array of traditional and special foods

It is widely recognized that texture has an intrinsic relationship to food preference. A full understanding of its functions and qualities is, therefore, of crucial importance to food technologists and product developers, as well as those working towards the treatment of dysphagia. 

Textural Characteristics of World Foods is the first book to apply a detailed set of criteria and characteristics to the textures of traditional and popular foods from across the globe. Structuring chapters by region, its authors chart a journey through the textural landscapes of each continent’s cuisines, exploring the complex and symbiotic relationships that exist between texture, aroma, and taste. This innovative text:

  • Provides an overview of the textural characteristics of a wide range of foods
  • Includes descriptions of textures and key points of flavor release
  • Examines the relationships between the texture, taste, and aroma of each food presented
  • Is structured by geographic region

Rich with essential insights and important research, Textural Characteristics of World Foods offers all those working in food science and development a better picture of texture and the multifaceted role it can play.

Peter Lillford

Katsuyoshi Nishinari

Food Texture; sensory evaluation and instrumental measurement
Kaoru Kohyama

Part I: North America (3)

Ch 1 Food textures in the United States of America- Alina Surmacka Szczesniak

Ch 2 Texture Evaluation of United States Foods – Pioneers, Protocols, and Attributes.

Tribute to Alina - Gail Vance Civille, Amy Trail, Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann, and Ellen Thomas

Ch 3 Canadian foods, some historical, cultural influences and textural properties of two regional example - Laurie-Eve Rioux, Véronique Perreault, and Sylvie L. Turgeon

Part II: Middle and South America (3)

Ch 4 Mechanical behaviour of some Mexican traditional foods - Alberto Tecante

Ch 5 Textural characteristics of Brazilian foods - Angelita da Silveira Moreira and Patrícia Diaz de Oliveira

Ch 6 Textural characteristics and viscoelastic behavior of traditional Argentinian foods - Gabriel Lorenzo, Natalia Ranalli, Silvina Andres, Noemi Zaritzky, Alicia Califano

Part 111: Asia (5)

Ch 7 Textural characteristics of Japanese foods - Katsuyoshi Nishinari and Toru Ooizumi

Ch 8 Textural characteristics of Chinese foods - Long Huang

Ch 9 Textural characteristics of Indonesian foods -Oni Yuliarti

Ch 10 Textural characteristics of Thai foods - Rungnaphar Pongsawatmanit

Ch 11 Textural quality and stability of Malaysian laksa noodles - Abd Karim Alias and Cheng Lai oong

Ch 12 Texture of sea food in japan

Part IV Oceania (1)

Ch 13 Present situation of the textural properties of processed foods in Australia - Andrew Halmos, Lita Katopo and Stefan Kasapis

Part V Central Asia Middle East (3)

Ch 14 Diversity in Textural Profile of Indigenous Food Products: A Comparative Analysis - Amardeep Singh Virdi and Narpinder Singh

Ch 15 Textural Properties of Traditional Turkish Foods - Mahmut Doğan, Duygu Aslan and Fatima Tahseen Miano

Ch 16 Iranian cuisine signifies the old historical identities- Bahareh Emadzadeh and Behrouz Ghorani

Part VI Russia (1)

Ch 17 Formation history of Russian cuisine, recipes, technologies and textural characteristics of some traditional products - Nataliia Ptichkina and Nataliia Nepovinnykh

Part VII - Europe (7)

Ch 18 Texture Characteristics of Italian food- Rossella Di Monaco, Nicoletta Antonella Miele, Sharon Puleo, Paolo Masi and Silvana Cavella

Ch 19 Texture and Sensory Characteristics of Processed Greek Foods - Stefan Kasapis

Ch 20 The texture of British foods - Andrew J Rosenthal and Tim J Foster

Ch 21 Food Texture in France - Bernard Launay

Ch 22 Best of Spanish food: Dry-cured ham - Susana Fiszman and Amparo Tarrega

Ch 23 Texture of the German Würstchen –Norbert Raak, Klaus Dürrschmid and Harald Rohm

Ch 24 Present Situation of the Foods with New Mouthfeels in Finland - Liisa Lähteenmäki and Karin Autio

Part VIII – Africa (1)

Ch 25 Textural Characteristics of Nigerian food - M. O. Oluwamukomi, O. S. Lawal and V. N. Enujuigha