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Textures of Liquid Crystals

Textures of Liquid Crystals

Ingo Dierking

ISBN: 978-3-527-60205-6 April 2004 320 Pages


A unique compendium of knowledge on all aspects of the texture of liquid crystals, providing not just detailed information on texture formation and determination, but also an in-depth discussion of different characterization methods.
Experts as well as graduates entering the field will find all the information they need in this handbook, while the magnitude of the color images make it valuable hands-on-reference.


1. Introduction.

2. Surface Anchoring and Elasticity.

3. Polarizing Microscopy.

4. The Blue Phases.

5. The Nematic and Cholesteric Phases.

6. Twist Grain Boundary Phases.

7. The Fluid Smectic Phases.

8. The SmC* Subphases.

9. The Hexatic Phases.

10. Soft Crystal Phases and Crystallization.

11. Other Liquid Crystal Phases.

Appendix A.

Appendix B.

Color Plates.


"...I am certain that this book will be very usefull for students who have to identify phases, and it will be a big success for the publisher, too. I certainly will ask our librarian to order more copies to shorten the time my students will need to wait." (Antal Jakli, Liquid crystal Institute, In: chemphychem, 2004)

"The book is certainly essential reading for those working in the field of liquid crystals, be they inexperienced research students or experts in elucidating the structures of liquid-crystalline phases from optical textures." (Mike Hird, Angewandte Chemie, IE, 2003; Vol, 42; No. 47)

"The monograph Texture of Liquid Crystals by Ingo Dierking provides a comprehensive collection of textures observed by polarizing microscopy in thermotropic liquid crystals. ... In conclusion, Texture of Liquid Crystals by Ingo Dierking may serve a very good textbook for masters and graduate courses in liquid-crystalline materials characterization. But more advanced materials scientists may also benefit from the book significantly, using the large number of systematically ordered, well-chosen color plates as a reference for classifying the phase of a new liquid-crystalline material." (Kell Mortensen, Danish Polymer Center, Riso National Laboratory, Roskilde, Advanced Materials, Vol. 16, No. 22, November 18, 2004)