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The 100 Greatest Sales Ideas of All Time

The 100 Greatest Sales Ideas of All Time

Ken Langdon

ISBN: 978-1-841-12599-2 March 2004 Capstone 156 Pages




At last, the secrets of the real sales wizards are revealed in this inspirational book.  Here are 100 failsafe tips, techniques and ideas for driving your sales up and up and smashing your targets.  The ideas are drawn from sales masters from a variety of backgrounds and sectors, providing a heady mix of the best up-to-date and original sales tactics.
  • Series was previously exclusive to WH Smiths – very successful selling x copies – now available throughout trade and direct channels.
  • Practical and fun to use – simple and unique format.
  • Great advice mixed with a dash of irreverance. 



The Top Two Greatest Sales Ideas of All Time and Five that Make Them Useable, Plus the Start to Selling Value.

Idea 1 – Never interrupt a customer to make a point.

Idea 2 – Focus on milestones and progress targets.

Idea 3 – ABC: Always Be Closing.

Idea 4 – STEP: Signal The End Point.

Idea 5 – SMART: Stretching, Measurable, Achievable, Related to the customer and Time-targeted.

Idea 6 – Listen to and learn from other people’s jargon.

Idea 7 – Understanding the real need.

Idea 8 – Remember that nobody said life was easy.

Idea 9 – Start thinking about selling value.

The Ten Greatest Sales Ideas for Creating Interest.

Idea 10 – Use surprise to demonstrate technological excellence.

Idea 11 – Use surprise to get people to read your mailshot.

Idea 12 – Keep your marketing up to date with real trends.

Idea 13 – Follow the right fads.

Idea 14 – Use technological progress in every part of your marketing effort.

Idea 15 – Make sure new products fit the brand name.

Idea 16 – Make your friends your customers.

Idea 17 – The old ones are sometimes the best ones.

Idea 18 – Use your own money to sell your goods.

Idea 19 – Use channels.

The Ten Greatest Sales Ideas for Establishing Need.

Idea 20 – Avoid a major gaffe.

Idea 21 – Ask your customers about their business case.

Idea 22 – Think like a fish.

Idea 23 – Don’t push if he doesn’t want it.

Idea 24 – Make the product irrelevant to the sale.

Idea 25 – Don’t miss the main need.

Idea 26 – Use endorsements.

Idea 27 – Make sure you want as well as need the business.

Idea 28 – Where there is a need there is an opportunity.

Idea 29 – As a last resort take action to create the need.

The Seven Greatest Sales Ideas for Selling Through an Agreed Basis of Decision.

Idea 30 – Break the basis of decision into three points.

Idea 31 – Use the basis of decision to establish need.

Idea 32 – Use the basis of decision in making written proposals.

Idea 33 – Use the basis of decision to handle price objections.

Idea 34 – Use the basis of decision to discuss wins and losses.

Idea 35 – Identify real ‘value for money’.

Idea 36 – Prove that the customer is getting ‘value for money’.

The Eight Greatest Sales Ideas for Presenting Your Case.

Idea 37 – Make sure the whole team is talking to customers.

Idea 38 – Present yourself well.

Idea 39 – Look at payment from the customer’s point of view.

Idea 40 – Target the decision-maker.

Idea 41 – If someone says they are a poor presenter, believe them.

Idea 42 – Present the numbers in a way that suits the customer.

Idea 43 – Use the cup of coffee close to present to a committee.

Idea 44 – Don’t get mugged by politicians.

The Five Greatest Sales Ideas for Remembering that There is Always a Way.

Idea 45 – Remember there is always a way (1).

Idea 46 – Remember there is always a way (2).

Idea 47 – Remember there is always a way (3).

Idea 48 – Remember there is always a way (4).

Idea 49 – Remember there is always a way (5).

Idea 50 – Remember there is always a way to make a gaffe.

The Four Greatest Sales Ideas for Selling in a Small Retail Outlet.

Idea 51 – Treat your customers as what they are – your purpose in life.

Idea 52 – Count your customers.

Idea 53 – Diversify carefully.

Idea 54 – First run a pilot.

The Six Greatest Sales Ideas for Dealing with Difficult Products and Markets.

Idea 55 – Use physical attractiveness to sell rubbish.

Idea 56 – If at first it succeeds, sell it again and again.

Idea 57 – Obey the rules of supply and demand.

Idea 58 – Use television to cash in on fear.

Idea 59 – Look out for different cultures.

Idea 60 – Don’t make people want their own back.

The Seven Greatest Sales Tips for Salespeople.

Idea 61 – Learn to read upside down.

Idea 62 – Learn to read from the side.

Idea 63 – Don’t fall for the ‘We’ll book your air ticket’ ploy.

Idea 64 – Make your customer want to solve your problem.

Idea 65 – Don’t overplan.

Idea 66 – People buy from people.

Idea 67 – ‘It’s about the customer, stupid’.

The Six Greatest Sales Ideas for Planning a Complex Sale.

Idea 68 – Get the timing right.

Idea 69 – Set a stretching campaign goal.

Idea 70 – Check sales campaign goals with the customer.

Idea 71 – Use a structured campaign planning process.

Idea 72 – Go through a structured campaign planning process step-by-step.

Idea 73 – Drive a campaign plan from an assessment of the customer’s business issues.

The Four Greatest Sales Ideas for Qualifying Out Proactively.

Idea 74 – Use a very direct approach by asking a hard question.

Idea 75 – Ask a logical and serious business question.

Idea 76 – Ask the prospect to do something.

Idea 77 – Use the ‘obvious decision’ ploy.

The Three Greatest Sales Ideas for Closing the Deal Softly, Softly.

Idea 78 – Use the trial close.

Idea 79 – Use an alternative close.

Idea 80 – Use the mouth of babes.