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The 1999 Annual, Volume 2: Consulting, Agency Edition



The 1999 Annual, Volume 2: Consulting, Agency Edition

J. William Pfeiffer

ISBN: 978-0-787-94542-8 December 1998 Pfeiffer 300 Pages


Be a better consultant with the 1999 Pfeiffer Annual

The 1999 Annual, Volume 2: Consulting continues the Pfeiffer Annual tradition of providing trainers, consultants, facilitators, and managers with the tools they need to make organizations more effective. With a focus on consulting, this volume offers Experiential Learning Activities, inventories, questionnaires, surveys, and resources for topics including leadership, problem solving, team development, facilitation, and more. Rich in practical content and geared toward forward-looking vision, this book provides consultants with an exceptional resource for professional development.

12 experiential learning activities.

3-4 instruments.

10-12 papers (per volume).