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The 2013 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting

The 2013 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting

Elaine Biech

ISBN: 978-1-118-27379-1

Nov 2012, Pfeiffer

304 pages

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The Leader in Resources for Consultants for the Past Four Decades

  • Experiential Learning Activities
  • Instruments
  • Articles

For more than 40 years, The Pfeiffer Annuals have helped consultants, experts, and academics in the field to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

The 2013 Pfeiffer Consulting Annual is a toolkit of ideas, methods, techniques, and models that support your work as an internal or external organizational consultant. It addresses the broad range of topics that are of most interest to professionals in the field. The materials provide accessible means of interacting with a diverse variety of systems and processes—from collaborative workflows and executive coaching to strategic planning and organizational development.

This Annual puts the focus on preparing leaders for the future. Leader preparation is a topic that permeates our organizations and pervades all that you do as professionals in the learning and consulting arena. Developing leaders for the future is no longer simply a matter of cultivating a pre-defined set of skills. The Pfeiffer Annuals can help you give new leaders all the tools they need to face an uncertain future.

Experiential Learning Activities (ELAs) cover a broad range of consulting topics. The activities are presented as ready-to-use designs for working with groups: facilitator instructions and all necessary handouts are included. ELAs showcasing the theme including: conflict assessment, making difficult decisions, setting important goals, and managing stress.

The Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys section contains tools to help respondents take an objective look at themselves or their organizations and determine how a particular theory applies to their situations. Don't miss the assessing readiness for a mentoring partnership in this section.

The articles section presents the current thinking about workplace communications, leadership, and individual development. Beverly Kay, Hank Karp, Mohandas Nair, Vince Rogers, Rick Maurer, and Jeanette Goodstein contributed must-read articles. The article by Jo Lynn Feinstein highlights the topic of strategic leadership which is an essential issue for almost every organization.

Year after year, the Consulting Annual has provided thousands of professionals with up-to-date information and tools to make organizations more effective. Delve into this volume and you will understand why it is the most reliable source for practical, professional, performance-boosting tools and fresh ideas.

2013 Pfeiffer Annual Set

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Website Contents xiii

Preface xv

The Difference Between Training and Consulting: xxi

Which Annual to Use?

Introduction to The 2013 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting xxv

Experiential Learning Activities

Introduction to the Experiential Learning Activities Section 1

Experiential Learning Activities Categories 5

Mind Your Mind: Meditating on What Is 13
Gaven Khan

Team Disclosure: Opening Up to Others 17
Rekha Bharadwaja

Career Packages: Preparing Job-Seekers for Success 23
Travis L. Russ

Silent Greetings: Finding Value in Nonverbal Communication 33
Robert Alan Black

The Pitch: Creating Ideas 35
Renie McClay

Strategic Execution: Bridging That Which Divides 39
Sharon Dera

Conflict Assessment: Examining Your Workplace 43
Dennis E. Gilbert

**Juggling Act: Multi-Tasking in Teams 53
Gary Wagenheim

Difficult Decisions: Shifting Perspectives 57
Cher Holton

I Appreciate You: Bringing Closure to a Meeting 61
Dawn Mahoney

**Prioritization: Aligning Team and Organizational Goals 65
Jennifer Labin

**I’m So Busy! Setting Important Goals 75
Kathy Shurte

Snap, Snap, Change: Managing Stress in a Changing Environment 85
Sarah E. Hurst

Editor’s Choice

Introduction to the Editor’s Choice Section 91

Off-the-Wall Values: Aligning Personal and Organizational Values 93
Beverly Kaye

Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys

Introduction to the Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys Section 97

Assessing Readiness for a Mentoring Partnership 99
Halelly Azulay

Team Role Adjective Differential Scale 111
Shailaja Karve and Surbhi Gandhi

Articles and Discussion Resources

Introduction to the Articles and Discussion Resources Section 123

**International Assignments: Selecting, Supporting, and Retaining High-Performing Managers 127
Patricia A. Cassidy and Donna M. Stringer

**Mentoring: Fine-Tuning for Effectiveness 137
Mohandas Nair

†Building Your Brand as a Consultant: Utilizing the “Keys to Success” 143
Vince Rogers

From the Gestalt Perspective: A Primer for Fine-Tuning the Interview Question 149
Hank B. Karp and Kanata Jackson

Mentoring: A Critical Process for Development 169
Bette Krakau and Beverly Kaye

Negotiation Consulting: A Ten-Element Toolbox for Managers 175
Noam Ebner and Yael Efron

Build a Strong Foundation for Leading Change Effectively 185
Rick Maurer

Improving Team Building in a Customer Care Department: A Case Study 189
Sohel M. Imroz

**Change and Leadership in Medical Practice: Grandfather to Granddaughter 195
Jeanette Goodstein

**Prepare Human Resource Leaders to Think Like Strategic Business Partners 215
Saundra Stroope

**Natural Leadership 227
Marlene Caroselli

**Strategic Leadership: The Role of Perspective 237
Jo Lynn Feinstein

**What Holds a Virtual Enterprise Together? 247
M.K. Key and Brenda Barker

Contributors 257

Contents of the Companion Volume, The 2013 Pfeiffer Annual: Training 261

Pfeiffer Publications Guide 265