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The 2R Manager: When to Relate, When to Require, and How to Do Both Effectively

The 2R Manager: When to Relate, When to Require, and How to Do Both Effectively

Peter E. Friedes

ISBN: 978-0-787-96902-8 February 2003 Jossey-Bass 240 Pages




The 2R Manager will make you a better manager---immediately.Itoffers specific advice tailored to each individual's currentmanagement style. You will take some self-surveys, see the results,and learn the impact you now have on those you manage. You ll learnwhat changes you must make and how to make them.

Managers have naturally either a Relating or a Requiring style.Those who naturally require are weaker at relating---sometimes muchweaker---and vice versa. The best managers possess the ability todo both well and know when to choose one over the other. Mostmanagers miss opportunities. Some try to be their employee's friendwhen they need to be setting priorities and deadlines. Others,thinking they have the answers, miss getting new ideas and destroytheir employees motivation. Having the ability to relate andrequire is fundamental for effective managing.

Whether you want to improve how you now manage people or create amanagement-training alternative that can help reduce time andcosts, you will find what you're looking for in The 2R Manager.
Foreword (David H.Maister).


1. 2Rs Are Better Than 1.

Part One: Self-Assessment.

2. Identifying Your Natural Style.

3. About-Right Requiring for Requirers.

4. About-Right Relating for Relaters.

Part Two: Style Familiarity.

5. Identifying Your Specific Type.

6. Getting Unstuck.

Part Three: Increasing Versatility.

7. Versatility-Fostering Beliefs.

8. Requiring for Relaters.

9. Relating for Requirers.

10. When to Relate,When to Require.

Part Four: Situational Implementation.

11. Maintaining a 2R Perspective.

12. Getting Started.

13. The Benefits: For You, Your People, and YourOrganization.

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"The professional services firm is the best possible laboratory forunderstanding the concepts of relating and requiring. Because suchfirms are filled with high-talent individuals, a tilt towards onestyle vs. the other would fail. Peter Friedes hit the perfectbalance at Hewitt Associates¾and this book provides a greatservice in conveying to others how that balance can (and must) beachieved in high performing organizations." --Leo F. Mullin,chairman and CEO, Delta Air Lines

"As a coach and trainer for thousands of managers, I find the 2Rapproach to be one of the most exciting new ideas around. This bookis guaranteed to provide insights to managers of all ages andexperience levels." --Lynn Trautmann, cofounder, CollaboraConsulting Group, a training consulting firm

"When the former CEO of a highly successful organization writesa book about people management fundamentals, it's noaccident&neither is effective leadership at any level. The 2RManager provides managers personalized roadmaps to success; and fornew managers it's a good first look at what really counts inleading others. Not a bad payback for an easy read." --RandyMacDonald, senior vice president, human resources, IBMCorporation