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The 6Ds Workshop Live Workshop Participant Workbook



The 6Ds Workshop Live Workshop Participant Workbook

Andy Jefferson, Roy V. H. Pollock, Calhoun W. Wick

ISBN: 978-1-118-64803-2 May 2013 Pfeiffer 288 Pages


The purpose of the workbook is to provide participants with a place to record their notes and the results of exercises as the workshop progresses. It is also intended to serve as a useful reference following the workshop, something people will keep on their bookshelves and use.


The workbook is organized by the six disciplines. Each section contains introductory material and exercises that utilize tools or checklists.


Introduction to the workshop

D1: Define Business Outcomes

D2: Design the Complete Experience

D3: Deliver for Application

D4: Drive Learning Transfer

D5: Deploy Performance Support

D6: Document Results

Conclusion and Action Planning

About This Workshop v

Introduction 1

D1 Defi ne Business Outcomes 25

D2 Design the Complete Experience 53

D3 Deliver for Application 79

D4 Drive Learning Transfer 111

D5 Deploy Performance Support 147

D6 Document Results 171

Getting Your Money’s Worth 203

References and Recommended Reading 217

Appendix 223

About the Authors 265

6Ds Workshop Goal Form 269