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The 7 ""Golden Rules"" for Option Trading Success

The 7 ""Golden Rules"" for Option Trading Success

Price Headley

ISBN: 978-1-118-63372-4

Apr 2013

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Run time: 90 min. Whether you’re just starting out - or have been trading options for years - the seven rules outlined in this hard-hitting new workshop provide a road map for consistent, impressive success with options. Big Trends in Trading author Price Headley has condensed decades of trading experience into a powerful
7-step program for weathering every market storm - and coming out a winner time and again. “With only the discipline needed to follow these seven basic rules,” Headley says, “anyone can become a successful options trader.”

Discover what the 7 essential rules are, how and when to use them. Plus, you’ll learn tools that identify the best trading vehicles, and how to quickly recognize the optimum entry/exit points to precisely time trades.

With his calm and clear delivery, Headley highlights …

  • Top 10 problems all option trader face
  • 6 new charting tools for enhancing options trading profitability
  • How to use option charts, rather than stock charts – and recognize the differences between them
  • Avoiding information overload – learning to focus on what’s really important
  • How to overcome your emotions and let logic rule your trades

This presentation is jammed-packed with new perspectives that will help you become more proficient – and much more profitable. See why viewers say, “It’s another educational winner from Price. This guy really knows his stuff!”