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The AGI Source Book for Geographic Information Systems 1995

The AGI Source Book for Geographic Information Systems 1995

David R. Green (Editor), David Rix (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95580-1

Jun 1995

392 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This indispensable, concise edition has been written and completely updated. It contains articles from a range of European and American experts who present a view of GIS futures along with an appraisal of several of the most important GIS technology issues. Features a vastly extended, comprehensive Europe-wide directory of approximately 200 pages. Provides data on more than 320 organizations supplying GIS products, services and information including software and hardware vendors, data capture and conversion bureaus, training and education, photogrammetry and remote sensing systems and services, consultants, research, publications, conferences and exhibitions.
Partial table of contents:


Where Is GIS Technology Going?

(D. Newell).

Recent Trends in GIS Technology (D. Rix).

GIS Implementation Issues (M. Ives & K. Crawley).

Implications of a Humane GIS (J. Berry).

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (G. Petrie).

Accuracy and Error in GIS (P. Burrough).

Information Highways (M. Goodchild).


Full Trade Directory.

Product Suppliers.

Publications Suppliers.

Software Products.

Data Services.

Providers of Media Services.

Providers of Training Services.

Off-the-Shelf Transport Applications.

Supplier Markets.

User Group Information.


GIS Standards.

GIS Dictionary.

AGI Papers.

AGI Awards.

AGI Committees.