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The Abilene Paradox and Other Meditations on Management

The Abilene Paradox and Other Meditations on Management

Jerry B. Harvey

ISBN: 978-0-787-90277-3

Aug 1996, Jossey-Bass

160 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Faulty decision-making can have dire consequences, and when it comes to group decisions, the challenges are even greater. Join Dr. Jerry B. Harvey as he clearly illustrates why no organization wants to find themselves goin' to Abilene.
See how group dynamics can keep individuals from stating their true beliefs for fear of isolation and separation, and how that often leads to mismanaged agreement.
You'll learn to recognize the warning signs of risky group dynamics and improve decision-making processes throughout your organization.

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1. Introduction
2. The Abilene Paradox: The Management of Agreement
3. Organizations as Phrog Farms
4. Management and the Myth of Abraham; or, Go Plant a Cabbage on God's Behalf
5. Captain Asoh and the Concept of Grace
6. Eichmann in the Organization
7. Group Tyranny and the Gunsmoke Phenomenon
8. Encouraging Future Managers to Cheat
"Harvey's meditations are a joy. They are the most exquisite essays on management that I've read in over a decade. In fact, this is the only book about management that I've really loved." --Warren Bennis, coauthor of Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge and author of Why Leaders Can't Lead

"Jerry Harvey has become a legAnd in his own time with the success of The Abilene Paradox--a principle of group behavior that has application in corporations, government, academia, and family alike. Now he takes aim at a host of other sacred organizational norms and, in succession, dismantles each. You'll smile at his insight and laugh at his wit." --Kenneth H. Blanchard, coauthor of The One-Minute Manager