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The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook



The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook

Martin Tunley, Andrew Whittaker, Jim Gee, Mark Button

ISBN: 978-1-118-79878-2 November 2014 304 Pages


The most complete, step-by-step guide to the ACFS qualification

The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook is the only guide designed to support all mandatory elements of the ACFS qualification, in-depth and step-by-step. Written by recognized industry leaders, this book focuses specifically on the practitioner's role in fraud investigation in England and Wales, providing complete information about each stage in the investigative process. Readers gain access to all of the information needed to successfully complete the ACFS qualification, and to develop an awareness of the key skills required to undertake efficient, legally compliant, professional investigations. The book includes a Directory of Useful Information, featuring legislation, codes of practice, model forms, and more.

As incidence of fraud continues to rise, many organisations are recruiting more Counter Fraud Specialists, and mandating Continuous Professional Development for established CFSs. The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist (ACFS) is a recognized qualification in the field, and is mandatory for investigators in many organisations throughout the public and private sectors. The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook is a complete guide to the qualification, both for CPD and first-time qualifiers.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the legislation related to fraud and investigation
  • Learn the surveillance and intelligence gathering techniques that build a solid case
  • Review the rules of evidence and statement taking guidelines
  • Follow courtroom procedures and prepare a thorough prosecution file

The professional qualification of ACFS, which is endorsed by the Counter Fraud Professional Accreditation Board, requires both practical and written assessments that demonstrate successful knowledge transfer and understanding of all key concepts of the investigative process. For anyone tasked with the responsibility of countering fraud, The Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the investigative process.

1 How the counter fraud profession developed and what the counter fraud professional should be 1

2 The Fraud Act 2006 and fraud related legislation 17

3 Governing legislation 53

4 Organising and planning an investigation 101

5 Covert investigation 123

6 Investigative interviewing 143

7 Rules of disclosure and evidence 165

8 The courtroom process 189

9 Civil law 205

10 Resource compendium 225

References 275

Index 285