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The Acoustic Analysis of Speech

The Acoustic Analysis of Speech

Raymond D. Kent, Charles Read

ISBN: 978-1-879-10543-0

Oct 1994

196 pages

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The Acoustic Analysis Of Speech presents essential information on modern methods for the acoustic analysis of speech. It assumes only a modest technical background and is intended for the reader who wants to know the basic issues in speech analysis but does not have an extensive background in engineering, physics or mathematics. The book discusses the basic methods for the acoustic analysis of speech in relation to (a) the acoustic theory of speech production and (b) measures of primary interest to speech scientists, speech-language pathologists, linguists, psychologists or others who are interested in the acoustic signal of speech. Readers will gain an understanding of theory, methods and databases pertaining to speech acoustics. The book offers a simple and straightforward explanation of all aspects of acoustic analysis from recording the signal, to analysis methods, to sources of data on phonetic and suprasegmental aspects of speech. Includes reference to acoustic data for several languages in addition to English. The book is written at a general introductory level for course in Speech Science; Speech Acoustics; Experimental Phonetics and Laboratory Instrumentation for Speech and Hearing.
Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Study of Speech Acoustics 1

Chapter 2. Acoustic Theory of Speech Production 17

Chapter 3. Introduction to the Acoustic Analysis of Speech 53

Chapter 4. The Acoustic Characteristics of Vowels and Diphthongs 105

Chapter 5. The Acoustic Characteristics of Consonants 139

Chapter 6. The Acoustic Correlates of Speaker Characteristics 189

Chapter 7. Suprasegmental Properties of Speech 223

Chapter 8. Speech Synthesis 241

Appendix A. Phonetic Symbols For Vowels and Consonants; Abbreviations Used in the Text 267

Appendix B. Elementary Physics of Sound 271

Appendix C. Nonlinear Frequency Scales for Speech Analysis 281

References 283

Glossary 301

Index 307