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The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World

The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World

Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, David L. Weaver-Zercher

ISBN: 978-0-470-89088-2 August 2010 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages




A sensitive and realistic look at the spiritual life and practices of the Amish

This second book by the authors of the award-winning Amish Grace sheds further light on the Amish, this time on their faith, spirituality, and spiritual practices. They interpret the distinctive practices of the Amish way of life and spirituality in their cultural context and explore their applicability for the wider world. Using a holistic perspective, the book tells the story of Amish religious experience in the words of the Amish themselves. Due to their long-standing friendships and relationships with Amish people, this author team may be the only set of interpreters able to provide an outsider-insider perspective.

  • Provides a behind-the-scenes examination of Amish spiritual life
  • Shows how the Amish practices can be applied to the wider world
  • Written by authors with unprecedented access to the Amish community

Written in a lively and engaging style, The Amish Way holds appeal for anyone who has wanted to know more about the inner workings of the Amish way of life.

Preface xi

Part One Searching for Amish Spirituality 1

1 A Peculiar Way 3

2 Spiritual Headwaters 17

Part Two The Amish Way of Community 29

3 Losing Self 31

4 Joining Church 45

5 Worshiping God 59

6 Living Together 75

Part Three The Amish Way in Everyday Life 91

7 Children 93

8 Family 107

9 Possessions 123

10 Nature 137

11 Evil 151

12 Sorrow 165

Part Four Amish Faith and the Rest of Us 179

13 The Things That Matter 181

Acknowledgments 193

Appendix I. The Amish of North America 195

Appendix II. Amish Lectionary 205

Appendix III. Rules of a Godly Life 209

Notes 223

References 239

The Authors 247

Index 249