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The Antarctic Paleoenvironment: A Perspective on Global Change, Part One

The Antarctic Paleoenvironment: A Perspective on Global Change, Part One

James P. Kennett (Editor), Detlef A. Warnke (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66778-1

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

385 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 56.

The Antarctic continent and the surrounding Southern Ocean represent one of the major climate engines of the Earth: coupled components critical in the Earth's environmental system. The contributions in this volume help with the understanding of the long-term evolution of Antarctica's environment and biota. The aim of this and the succeeding companion volume is to help place the modern system within a historical context.

A large number of workers have contributed much in providing the necessary reviews of the contributions published in this volume; we heartily thank you all: J. B. Anderson, J. H. Andrews, M. P. Aubry, J. A. Barron, G. W. Brass, L. H. Burckle, C. Charles, A. K. Cooper, A. R. Edwards, D. K. Futterer, T. R. Janacek, M. Katz, L. D. Keigwin, L. A. Krissek, D. J. Long, B. P. Luyendyk, K. Moran, J. Morley, S. O'Connell, L. E. Osterman, J. T. Parrish, W. Sliter, R. Stein, J. D. Stewart, K. Takahashi, B. H. Tiffney, E. M. Truswell, W. Wei, J. K. Weissel, B. White, S. W. Wise, Jr., J. A. Wolfe, F. C. Woodruff, A. R. Wyss, J. C. Zachos, and A.M. Ziegler.

The Antarctic Research Series' Statement of Objectives
Board of Associate Editors xi

James P. Kennett and Detlef A. Warnke xiii

James P. Kennett and Detlef A. Warnke  xiv

James P. Kennett and John A. Barron   1

The Development of Paleoseaways Around Antarctica
Lawrence A. Lawver, Lisa M. Gahagan, and Millard F. Coffin   7

Biogeography of Campanian-Maastrichtian Clcareous Plankton in the Region
of the Southern Ocean: Paleogeographic and Paleoclimatic Implications
Brian T. Huber and David K. Watkins 31

Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary Antarctic Outcrop Evidence for Past Vegetation and Climates
Rosemary A. Askin 61

Paleogene Chronology of Southern Ocean Drill Holes, An Update
Wuchang Wei 75

Late Eocene-Early Oligocene Evolution of Climate and Marine Circulation,
Deep-Sea Clay Mineral Evidence
Christian Robert and Hervd Chamley 97

Evidence From Fossil Vertebrates for a Rich Eocene Antarctic Marine Environment
Judd A. Case 119

Paleoecology of Eocene Antarctic Sharks
Douglas J. Long 131

Cenozoic Deep-Sea Circulation' Evidence From Deep-Sea Benthic Foraminifera
Ellen Thomas 141

The Influence of the Tethys on the Bottom Waters of the Early Tertiary Ocean
Hedi Oberhiinsli 167

Late Eocene-Oligocene Sedimentation in the Antarctic Ocean, Atlantic Sector (Maud Rise, ODP Leg 113, Site 689): Development of Surface and Bottom Water Circulation
Liselotte Diester-Haass   185

Geotechnical Stratigraphy of Neogene Sediments: Maud Rise and Kerguelen Plateau
Frank R. Rack and Alan Pittenger   203

Cenozoic Glacial History of the Ross Sea Revealed by Intermediate Resolution
Seismic Reflection Data Combined With Drill Site Information
John B. Anderson and Louis R. Bartek   231

Toward a High-Resolution Stable Isotopic Record of the Southern Ocean
During the Pliocene-Pleistocene (4.8 to 0.8 Ma)
David A. Hodell and Kathryn Venz   265

Miocene-Pliocene Antarctic Glacial Evolution: A Synthesis of Ice-Rafted
Debris, Stable Isotope, and Planktonic Foraminiferal Indicators, ODP Leg 114
Detlef A. Warnke, Carl P. Allen, Daniel W. Miiller, David A. Hodell, and Charlotte A. Brunner   311

A Late Neogene Antarctic Glacio-eustatic Record, Victoria Land Basin Margin, Antarctica
Scott E. Ishman and Hugh J. Rieck   327

Late Quaternary Climatic Cycles as Recorded in Sediments From the Antarctic Continental Margin
Hannes Grobe and Andreas Mackensen   349

Paleoecological Implications of Radiolarian Distribution and Standing Stocks
Versus Accumulation Rates in the Weddell Sea
Demetrio Boltovskoy and Viviana A. Alder  377

List of Co-chief Scientists on DSDP and ODP Legs  385