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The Arabian Nights, A Norton Critical Edition

The Arabian Nights, A Norton Critical Edition

Daniel Heller-Roazen (Editor), Husain Haddawy (Translator), Muhsin Mahdi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-92808-2

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538 pages

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A Note on the Text
The Text of The Arabian Nights
1. Foreword
2. Prologue
3. [The Story of King Shahrayar and Shahrazad, His Vizier's Daughter]
4. [The Tale of the Ox and the Donkey]
5. [The Tale of the Merchant and His Wife]
6. [The Story of the Merchant and the Demon]
7. [The First Old Man's Tale]
8. [The Second Old Man's Tale]
9. [The Tale of King Yunan and the Sage Duban]
10. [The Tale of the Husband and the Parrot]
11. [The Tale of the King's Son and the She-Ghoul]
12. [The Tale of the Enchanted King]
13. [The Story of the Porter and the Three Ladies]
14. [The First Dervish's Tale]
15. [The Second Dervish's Tale]
16. [The Tale of the Envious and the Envied]
17. [The Third Dervish's Tale]
18. [The Tale of the First Lady, the Mistress of the House]
19. [The Tale of the Second Lady, the Flogged One]
20. [The Story of the Three Apples]
21. [The Story of the Two Viziers, Nur al-Din Ali al-Misri and Bar al-Din Hasan al-Basri]
22. [The Story of the Hunchback]
23. [The Christian Broker's Tale: The Young Man with the Severed Hand and the Girl]
24. [The Steward's Tale: The Young Man from Baghdad and Lady Zubaida's Maid]
25. [The Tailor's Tale: The Lame Young Man from Baghdad and the Barber]
26. [The Tale of the Second Brother, Baqbaqa the Paraplegic]
27. [The Tale of the Fifth Brother, the Cropped of Ears]
28. [The Story of Jullanar of the Sea]
29. [The Story of Sindbad the Sailor]


 Early Witnesses
    Anonymous • A Ninth-Century Fragment of the Thousand Nights
    Al Mas'ûdi • Meadows of Gold (Murûj al-Dhahab)
    Ibn Ishâq Al-Nadîm • The Fihrist

 Modern Echoes
   Edgar Allan Poe • The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherazade
   Marcel Proust • From Remembrance of Things Past
   Taha Husayn • From The Dreams of Scheherazade

  Hugo von Hofmannsthal • A Thousand and One Nights
  Josef Horovitz • The Origins of The Arabian Nights
  Jorge Luis Borges • The Translators of The Thousand and One Nights
  Francesco Gabrieli • The Thousand and One Nights in European Culture
  Mia Irene Gerhardt • From The Art of Story-Telling
  Tzvetan Todorov • Narrative Men
  Andras Hamori • A Comic Romance from The Thousand and One Nights: The Tale of Two Viziers
  Heinz Grotzfeld • Neglected Conclusions of The Arabian Nights
  Jerome W. Clinton • Madness and Cure in the 1001 Nights
  Abdelfattah Kilito • The Eye and the Needle
  David Pinault • Story-Telling Techniques in The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography