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The Art and Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence

The Art and Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence

D. V. L. Smith, J. H. Fletcher

ISBN: 978-0-470-02029-6

May 2004

248 pages



The Art and Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence offers a complete account of the way today's researchers interpret evidence and apply it to decision making. David Smith and Jonathan Fletcher show how to assess your current deciphering processes, and present an innovative framework integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches for analysing complex data-sets. With its holistic approach to interpretation and its 10-step process for making it work in practice, this book will equip you with a deep understanding of data analysis and ultimately improve your judgment to produce better business decisions.

"This is modern commercial research, where the mind of the researcher is finally acknowledged as admissible data. Prior knowledge, pragmatism, experience are all robust grist to the 'holistic' research mill. A must-read for anyone getting to grips with 21st century market research." Virginia Valentine, Semiotic Solutions

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1. ‘New’ market research.

2. Not a science, but a scientific approach.

3. Data-rich intuitive analysis.

4. Analysing the right problem.

5. Understanding the big information picture.

6. Compensating for imperfect data.

7. Developing the analysis strategy.

8. Organizing the qualitative data.

9. Organizing the quantitative data.

10. Establishing the interpretation boundary.

11. Applying the knowledge filters.

12. Reframing the data.

13. Integrating the evidence and presenting research as a narrative.

14. Facilitating informed decision-making.

15. Developing holistic data analysis.

16. Guide to the supporting training module.



Glossary of holistic analysis terms.


“This splendid book…a valuable guide…Defiantly for everyone who wants to make best use of mass information that surrounds us.”(Research Magazine, May 2004)
  • Offers essential new tools for marketers to interpret evidence and arguments, and make reliable information-based decisions

  • Explores current topics in market research and provides a wealth of case studies of good and bad practice drawn from topical issues

  • Packed with checklists, techniques and tips to help the reader better understand the material and prepare with electronic information