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The Art of Decision Making: Mirrors of Imagination, Masks of Fate

The Art of Decision Making: Mirrors of Imagination, Masks of Fate

Helga Drummond

ISBN: 978-0-470-84807-4

Feb 2002

320 pages



Science reassures, art disturbs (Proverb)
This intriguing exploration of underlying forces in decision making takes as its starting point a wealth of high profile decision disasters. In brilliantly readable analyses, Helga Drummond shows how better awareness of the inherent uncertainties of the decision making process could have made the outcomes very different.
Examples showcased include:
The Hatfield rail crash
The Kursk submarine disaster
The Challenger disaster
The year 2000 fuel crisis
The WWII Dardanelles expedition
The Barings Bank collapse
The Taurus Stock Exchange Project The Hillsborough tragedy
The King's Cross underground fire
The Millennium Dome
This entertaining yet instructive book offers new insight into the realities of decision making, and shows how you can confront them to improve your prospects of success.


The Clock That Struck Thirteen: The Challenge of Sense Making.

The Morning After.

The Dark Side of the Moon.

Ghosts and Shadows: Reflections on Information and Decision Making.

Tricks of Mind.

The Essential Lie: Exploring the Myth-making Process.

High Tides and Green Grass: The Illusion of Control.

Tales of the Unexpected: Exploring the Paradox of Consequence.

Riding the Tiger: Escalation in Decision Making.

An 'Ace of Success': Knocking at the Door of Fate.

The Point of No Return.

The Art of Decision Making.

Epilogue: A Dancing Star.


(Financial Times, 19 Janaury 2002)