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The Art of Planned Giving: Understanding Donors and the Culture of Giving



The Art of Planned Giving: Understanding Donors and the Culture of Giving

Douglas E. White

ISBN: 978-0-471-29846-5 August 1998 362 Pages


"A unique book with a unique approach, this is destined to become aclassic." --Charitable Gift Planning News

In this deeply humane and informative book, Douglas White deftlyweaves together personal insight and level-headed advice in aprobing look at the human side of planned giving. He helps youunderstand, develop, and use the interpersonal skills that are anessential part of every successful planned giving officer'sart.

White provides practical answers to such crucial questions as: Howdo I successfully approach a prospect for a planned gift? What arethe steps to building a prospect's trust and instilling a sense ofmission? How can I tell if I'm being too aggressive--or notaggressive enough? How do I handle a donor's lawyer and otheradvisors who don't support the gift?

Tracing the entire process of acquiring a planned gift from thefirst phone call to managing the gift's assets, White offers manyhelpful pointers on how to deal with donors, their families, andtheir professional advisors, as well as executive directors andboard members within your organization. He also helps you translatetechnical knowledge into planned gifts that are better for bothdonors and charities.

The first book to take you beyond the mere mechanics and into thevery soul of planned giving, The Art of Planned Giving is animportant working resource for planned giving officers,fund-raising professionals and consultants, as well as nonprofitexecutives and board members.
The Fragile Seeds of Altruism.The Initial Interview.

The Challenges of Persuasion.

Following Through.

The Failed Planned Giving Interview.

After the Gift.

So You Think the CMFR Is a Bit Technical?

Did You Say Something About an Appraisal?

Why Can't We Get That Gift?

Trustees and Planned Giving.

Is Planned Giving a Capital Concept?

The Planned Giving Consultant.

How Is Planned Giving Learned?

Did Someone Mention Ethics?

Epilogue: The Sources of Philanthropy.