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The Art of Problem Solving: Accompanied by Ackoff's Fables



The Art of Problem Solving: Accompanied by Ackoff's Fables

Russell L. Ackoff

ISBN: 978-0-471-85808-9 March 1987 232 Pages


"A witty, literate and, most of all, convincing reflection.[Ackoff] shines an often bright light into corners where problems hide, showing the manager how to understand the consequences of his own behavior; identify real, rather than supposed, elements of problems; perceive another's aims; determine what is controllable; and deal with other nettlesome factors." --Inc. The Art of Problem Solving Russ Ackoff--author, consultant, and teacher extraordinaire. During his long career, he has shown thousands of managers, architects, engineers, attorneys, advertising people, software developers, and scientists the way to more creative, artful problem solving. This new paper edition of The Art of Problem Solving is perhaps the best example of Ackoff in action. Step by step, this practical guide shows you how to develop an understanding of the art of creative thinking and the design of creative solutions. Using "Ackoff's Fables"--humorous yet eminently practical parables, based on real problems by real managers--you'll see why solving a problem seldom solves the problem, but why approaching it from a new, unorthodox angle often does. The result is vintage Ackoff--controversial, funny, and always on target. If you like to dig beyond simple solutions--to imaginative solutions that work--this book is for you.

Creativity and Constraints.


Controllable Variables.

Uncontrolled Variables.



The National Scientific Communication and Technology TransferSystem: An Idealized Design.

Transportation without a Future: A Reference Projection.

A Multidimensional Organizational Structure.

Participation within Organizations.

The Effect of Advertising on Sales: A Study of Relations.

Why People Drink: Toward Understanding Objectives.

On Keeping Problems Solved.

Suggested Readings.