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The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 2: Change Management



The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 2: Change Management

Dominik Holzer

ISBN: 978-1-118-98779-7 April 2015 34 Pages


ePart 2 Change Management: A BIM Manager might be hired for their technical skills, but their success relies heavily on their ability to be an agent of change within their organisation, facilitating transition to BIM processes and mentoring staff through the cultural and procedural shifts. This ePart outlines strategies to manage an organisation’s transition to BIM successfully and to master supporting its continuous evolution. Based on accounts from top practitioners, it highlights how the BIM manager might approach interfacing with their organisation’s leadership by successfully lobbying and leading on BIM from the inside, while overcoming change-resistance and managing teams’ expectations. It concludes with a ‘Tips and Tricks’ section that provides in-depth advice for running BIM audits and for setting up in-house BIM workshops, which are instrumental for any BIM Manager seeking a better understanding of their organisational context  and to raise the level of awareness of the BIM knowledge of key decision-makers. Obook ISBN: 9781119092308; ePub ISBN: 9781118987797; ePDF ISBN: 9781119092292; published April 2015