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The Banking System: Banking Operations and Markets, Risk Management, Supervision and Regulation

The Banking System: Banking Operations and Markets, Risk Management, Supervision and Regulation

Ethan Cohen-Cole

ISBN: 978-1-119-02947-2

Dec 2017

320 pages

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A detailed, real-world guide to the modern banking industry

The Banking System is a comprehensive introduction to the operation, mechanics, and structure of banks, and the financial systems in which they operate. Bridging the disconnect between standard banking texts and what you actually need to know for a successful career, this book equips you with a coherent understanding of the banking environment, to complement the tangible skills you need to work in any financial sector. Coverage includes financial instrument mechanisms, regulations, risk management, and innovation, with insight into critical business lines. Full ancillaries are provided, including PowerPoint slides and a test bank, to give you a complete, relevant, classroom-ready resource. Globally relevant and reflective of today's banking system, this book provides fundamental understanding alongside practical, real-world perspective.

The business of banking is not simple, and is made more complex by the regulatory regimes that reach into every part of the financial system. This book modern banking to give you a deep understanding and true-to-life idea of how it all works.

  • Find the tangible link between bank economics and management
  • Learn how the bank creates markets and securities
  • Examine the complex relationship between regulations and operations
  • Consider the evolving nature of today's financial institutions

Banking is central to the economy of any modern nation, and today's rising bankers need to approach the industry differently from their predecessors. Learning the law and the theory is no longer enough — in today's economy, successful banking requires a deep understanding of the industry's driving mechanisms and the cause behind the effect. The Banking System gives you a solid foundation in this critical industry.

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