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The Barbarian West 400 - 1000, 4th Edition



The Barbarian West 400 - 1000, 4th Edition

J. M. Wallace-Hadrill

ISBN: 978-0-631-20292-9 December 1996 Wiley-Blackwell 188 Pages


In the fourth century the Roman Empire was under threat. The Barbarians were becoming a powerful force in Europe, and the Huns, the most savage of these tribesmen, were sweeping south towards the imperial frontiers. At the same time the Empire faced growing internal social and economic problems: plague and war had diminished the agricultural population and productivity was falling; the army was under increasing strain in defending the extensive boundaries. Christianity, too, continued to prove an unsettling influence - accepted and established in Constantinople, but not in Rome.

In this perceptive and stimulating book, Professor Wallace-Hadrill traces the development of Western Europe from the dissolution of the late Roman Empire to the emergence, in the tenth century, of the individual states of medieval Europe. Now in its fourth edition, The Barbarian West contains a fully revised and up-to-date bibliography.


1. Introductory.

2. Mare Nostrum.

3. Italy and the Lombards.

4. The Franks (1).

5. The Franks (2).

6. Spain and the Visigoths.

7. Imperium Christianum.

8. Revised Bibliography: Roger Collins.



Europe at the accession of Justinian.

The Western Empire 843 A. D.

'The author is to be congratulated on a suggestive and valuable essay.' --English Historical Review

'Shows thought and enterprise and freshness of judgement.' --Times Literary Supplement

* A classic work by a master historian, now reissued with updated bibliography.
* Provides analysis of the complex role of 'barbarians' in the Fall of Rome.
* Offers concise overview of the development of the Germanic successor states, including, imperial rule under Charlemagne.