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The Battle for Wall Street: Behind the Lines in the Struggle that Pushed an Industry into Turmoil



The Battle for Wall Street: Behind the Lines in the Struggle that Pushed an Industry into Turmoil

Richard Goldberg

ISBN: 978-0-470-44681-2 January 2009 224 Pages


An insider's look at the changing balance of power on Wall Street

The Battle for Wall Street follows the struggle for power between two giants: the sellers, traditional commercial and investments banks; and the buyers, upstart hedge funds, private equity firms and the like. The battle is about winning the hearts, minds, and – yes, the wallets – of global investors. This battle is still running its course, and with the insights of industry veteran Richard Goldberg, who has had a front row seat, readers will gain a detailed understanding as to what, exactly, is going on within this dynamic arena, specifically the forces behind the shift of power from the old sell side gatekeepers to the new buy side players.  The book will play out in three acts: Act One will examine the instruments of change – liquidity and financial technology – along with their influence on the sell and buy sides. Act Two will look at the agents of change – hedge funds, private equity, financial entrepreneurs, endowments, exchanges and sovereign wealth funds – and their impact on the sell and buy sides. In Act Three, Goldberg will take out his crystal ball and walk through the strategic implications for the winners and losers in this battle, against the dramatic backdrop of the subprime mortgage crisis and the resulting shakeup of global firms like Bear Stearns.

But Wall Street isn't simply about institutions or corporate battles. It’s a landscape dominated by personalities. Goldberg's unique access to major players will bring this book to life with amazing anecdotes and stories about the financial generals who have left their mark in The Battle for Wall Street.

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction: Let the Battle for Wall Street Begin ix

Part One: Instruments of Change 1

Chapter 1 Sea of Liquidity 3

Chapter 2 Financial Information in a Digital Age 17

Chapter 3 Prime Brokerage Meeting Hall 37

Part Two: Agents of Change 47

Chapter 4 Hedge Funds: Buy-Side Player, Sell-Side Foe 49

Chapter 5 Private Equity: Buy-Side Player, Sell-Side Friend 67

Chapter 6 Entrepreneurs to Endowments: Buy-side Catalysts 87

Chapter 7 Exchanges: Sell-Side Voice, Buy-Side Electronics 107

Chapter 8 Sovereign Wealth Funds: Sell Side Today, Buy Side Tomorrow 123

Part Three: Implications of Change 135

Chapter 9 Sell-Side Casualties, Buy-Side Implications 137

Chapter 10 Buy-Side Casualties, Sell-Side Implications 155

Chapter 11 Regulatory Implications 171

Chapter 12 Future Implications 191

Notes 205

About the Author 235

Index 237