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The Big Idea Book: Five hundred new ideas to change the world in ways big and small



The Big Idea Book: Five hundred new ideas to change the world in ways big and small

David Owen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-841-12614-2 January 2005 Capstone 280 Pages


Ideas are like buses, you wait forever and then 500 come along at once. The Big Idea Book is 500 novel, ingenious and downright crazy ideas designed to inspire, amuse and divert. Developed by the team behind the innovative website, Idea-a-Day at, it covers everything from business to travel, politics to money and everything in between.

Idea-a-Day has a vast network of followers and contributors - some famous, some infamous, some revered, some reviled – who post ideas to be read, enjoyed, used or abused. Seth Godin, Malcolm Maclaren and Wayne Hemmingway are just a few of its fans. In The Big Idea Book all this creative energy is mixed together with unpublished ideas, quotes, cartoons, illustrations and thought-pieces to give creatives and cool office types a visual and intellectual treat guaranteed to kickstart the imagination and creative flair!


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Postscript: The One That Got Away.

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“…His Idea-a-Day website is an outlet for his many brainwaves – from the ingenious to the idiotic…” (Daily Mirror, 20 February 2004)

“… read 500 of the best ideas from people who want to make simple inventions for a nicer world.” (Hot Stars magazine, 16 March 2004)

 “Entertaining and inspirational, this book will have you cursing your feeble mind for not conjuring this stuff sooner.” (Guardian, 13 March 2004)

“…celebrates innovation with 500 new ideas.” (Edinburgh Evening News, 19 March 2004)

“Packed with inspirational ways to make your first million…” (EasyJet Magazine, May 04)