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The Big Tech Score: A Top Wall Street Analyst Reveals Ten Secrets to Investing Success

The Big Tech Score: A Top Wall Street Analyst Reveals Ten Secrets to Investing Success

Mike Kwatinetz , Danielle Kwatinetz Wood

ISBN: 978-0-471-43665-2

Mar 2004

256 pages

Select type: E-Book



Insights for today's hot stocks, and winning strategies for tomorrow's, from Wall Street's #1 Tech Analyst
This is not your grandpa's Wall Street. Stocks are more volatile now than ever. Even with all their potential for meteoric success, high tech investments are synonymous with high risk. This entertaining primer, by one of the leading tech analysts on Wall Street, offers a practical step-by-step guide for identifying tomorrow's hot stocks today.
Why do certain technology companies succeed while others falter and disappear? Which businesses will rule the post-PC era? Kwatinetz discusses what's coming down the pike in the next few years and who the key players will be.
He shows how to filter out the noise, and come up with an independent assessment of how much a stock is worth, and reveals ten rules of thumb that will help investors build a powerful portfolio.
Foreword by Scott W. Schoelzel.



The Big Tech Score Theory of Investing.

Concentrate Your Investments on a Handful of Companies.

Buy Low, Sell High.

Don't Invest Blindly.

Invest in Great Management.

Look for Companies with a Competitive Advantage.

Love Companies Customers Love.

Look for Long-Term Thinkers.

Always Look Forward, Not Backward.

Pick Only High-Growth Companies.

The Best Stocks Are Cheaper Than You Think.

Mike and Danielle's Portfolios.

The New Technology Era.

The Fourth Wave of the Web.