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The Biogeochemistry of Iron in Seawater

David R. Turner, Keith A. Hunter

ISBN: 978-0-471-49068-5 November 2001 410 Pages


Intensive research carried out during the 1990's (known as the "Iron Age of Oceanography") provided a wealth of new information and this title, written by acknowledged experts and reviewed by international specialists, provides the authoritative and comprehensive review of the subject area.

A joint venture between SCOR and IUPAC, it expertly addresses the current state of knowledge of the biogeochemistry of iron in seawater and covers:

* Chemical speciation
* Analytical techniques
* Transformation of iron
* It includes evidence for iron limitation of primary production of High Nutrient Low Chlorophyll (HNLC) areas in the ocean
* Structured into a series of chapters it has been reviewed by international specialists- SCOR (Scientific Committee for Ocean Research) and IUPAC (International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry)
* The final chapter summarises the conclusions of the book and discusses the priorities for future research
* Ideal for scientists studying the environmental impact of metals and their role in marine ecosystems; Marine Scientists and Oceanographers; Environmental Analytical Chemists

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List of Contributors.

Series Preface.


Introduction (D.R. Turner, K.A. Hunter and H.J.W. de Baar).

Iron Limitation in the Oceans (A.J. Watson).

Bioavailability and Bioaccumulation of Iron in the Sea (W.G. Sunda).

Atmospheric Iron Inputs to the Oceans (T.D. Jickells and L.J. Spokes).

Distributions, Sources and Sinks of Iron in Seawater (H.J.W. de Baar and J.T.M de Jong).

Analytical Methods for the Determination of Concentrations and Speciation of Iron (K.W. Bruland and E.L. Rue).

Thermodynamics of the Iron System in Seawater (T.D. Waite).

Transformations Among Different Forms of Iron in the Ocean (J.W. Moffett).

Summary and Recommendations (K.A. Hunter, P.W. Boyd, K.W. Bruland, J. Buffle, P. Buat-Menard, H.J.W. de Baar, R.A. Duce, W.J. Sunda, T.D. Jickells, J.W. Moffett, E.L. Rue, L.J. Spokes, B. Sulzberger, D.R. Turner, T.D. Waite, A.J. Watson and M. Whitfield).

"Describes the growing consensus that low iron concentrations in the Antarctic and the equatorial Pacific oceans are the cause of reduced chlorophyll for phytoplankton production...." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)