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The Biological Chemistry of Magnesium

The Biological Chemistry of Magnesium

J. A. Cowan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18583-3

Apr 1995

254 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Magnesium ions play a pivotal role in nucleic acid biochemistry, enzyme activation, and many biological systems. This book is the first text to give a unique and comprehensive review of all the major areas of current research interest. It is designed to be useful for students and researchers. Non-specialists will find introductory chapters, and each chapter is fully illustrated and well referenced.
From the Contents:
Introduction to the Biological Chemistry of Magnesium Ion/
Physical Methods to study the Biological Chemistry of Magnesium/
Metal Substitution as a Probe of the Biological Chemistry of Magnesium Ion/
Modes and Dynamics of Mg 2+-Polynucleotide Interactions/
Magnesium as the Catalytic Center of RNA Enzymes/
Magnesium-Dependent Enzymes in Nucleic Acid Biochemistry/
Magnesium-Dependent Enzymes in General Metabolism/
Biological Chemistry of Magnesium Ion with Physiological Metabolites, Nucleic Acids and Drug Molecules/
Genetics and Molecular Biology of Magnesium Transport Systems/
Regulation of Cytosolic Magnesium Ion in Hearts