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The Biology of Business: Decoding the Natural Laws of Enterprise



The Biology of Business: Decoding the Natural Laws of Enterprise

John Henry Clippinger III

ISBN: 978-0-787-94324-0 October 1999 Jossey-Bass 287 Pages


Increasingly interconnected, volatile, and complex, today's organizations cannot be controlled by any conventional approach to management. Indeed, an entirely new definition of what it means to manage is called for. In The Biology of Business, John Clippinger and nine outstanding contributors introduce managers to the Complex Adaptive System (CAS) of management, a system that takes into account all of the variables that impact modern enterprises and allows managers to take control from the bottom up. Here, the authors show how McKinsey & Co., Capital One, and Optimark have employed CAS to achieve specific business goals and improve overall corporate fitness. And they bridge theory and practice to provide managers with proven tools and techniques they can use to transform their enterprises into self-renewing, self-organizing systems that are maximally responsive to changing market conditions and opportunities.
Preface: The Business World Turned Upside Down.

Order from the Bottom Up: Complex Adaptive Systems and Their Management.

The End of Economic Certainty.

Leadership and Influence: The Managers as Coach, Nanny, and Artificial DNA.

Tags: The Power of Labels in Shaping Markets and Organizations.

Complex Adaptive Knowledge Management: A Case from McKinsey @ Company.

Seven Levers for Guiding the Evolving Enterprise.

Heterachy: Distributing Authority and Organizing Diversity.

Adaptive Operations: Creating Business Processes That Evolve.

Buying and Selling in the Digital Age: An Ever-Increasing Bandwidth of Desire.

Emergent Law and Order: Lessons in Regulation, Dispute Resolution, and Lawmaking for Electronic Commerce and Community.