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The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism



The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism

Kelly James Clark (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-65780-5 December 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 552 Pages

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The Blackwell Companion to Naturalism provides a systematic introduction to philosophical naturalism and its relation to other schools of thought.

  • Features contributions from an international array of established and emerging scholars from across the humanities
  • Explores the historical development of naturalism and its ascension to the dominant orthodoxy in the Western academy
  • Juxtaposes theoretical criticisms with impassioned defenses, encapsulating contemporary debates on naturalism
  • Includes discussions of metaphysics, realism, feminism, science, knowledge, truth, mathematics, free will, and ethics viewed through a naturalist lens

List of Contributors ix

Preface xii

1 Naturalism and its Discontents 1
Kelly James Clark

2 Naturalizing Ethics 16
Owen Flanagan, Hagop Sarkissian, and David Wong

3 Naturalism in the Continental Tradition 34
Keith Ansell Pearson and John Protevi

4 The Naturalism Question in Feminism 49
Ásta Sveinsdóttir

5 On Naturalistic Metaphysics 61
Thomas M. Crisp

6 Naturalism and Realism in the Philosophy Science 75
Matteo Morganti

7 Naturalism without Scientism 91
P. Kyle Stanford

8 “The Horrid Doubt”: Naturalism and Evolutionary Biology 109
Valerie Gray Hardcastle

9 Naturalism and Antinaturalism in the Sociology of Science 124
Dorothea Olkowski

10 Why Methodological Naturalism? 136
Hans Halvorson

11 Naturalism and the Question of Realism 150
Drew Khlentzos

12 Non]Naturalistic Metaphysics 168
Hud Hudson

13 Naturalism and Physicalism 182
Barbara Gail Montero and David Papineau

14 Natural Mind 196
Brian L. Keeley

15 Naturalism and Dualism 209
Joseph Levine

16 Epistemological Naturalisms 220
C.S.I. Jenkins

17 Dewey, Naturalism, and the Problem of Knowledge 234
Douglas McDermid

18 Truth and Naturalism 246
Douglas Edwards, Filippo Ferrari, and Michael P. Lynch

19 Against Naturalism about Truth 262
Berit Brogaard

20 Mathematics and Metaphysical Naturalism 277
Gideon Rosen

21 Naturalism and Mathematics: Some Problems 289
Jeffrey W. Roland

22 Naturalism and Free Will 305
Neil Levy

23 Free Will and Naturalism: How to Be a Libertarian, and a Naturalist Too 319
Kevin Timpe and Jonathan D. Jacobs

24 Does the New Wave in Moral Psychology Sink Kant? 336
Valerie Tiberius

25 Naturalism in Metaethics 351
Jussi Suikkanen

26 Evolution and Moral Naturalism 369
Richard Joyce

27 Scientific Naturalism and the Explanation of Moral Beliefs: Challenging Evolutionary Debunking 386
William J. FitzPatrick

28 What’s to be Said for Moral Non]Naturalism? 401
Terence D. Cuneo

29 Naturalism and Moral Psychology 416
Christian B. Miller

30 Militant Modern Atheism 435
Philip Kitcher

31 Why Naturalism Cannot Account for Natural Human Rights 447
Nicholas Wolterstorff

32 Cognitive and Evolutionary Approaches to Religion 462
Robert N. McCauley

33 The Naturalness of Religious Belief: Epistemological Implications 481
Helen De Cruz

34 Naturalism in Indian Philosophy 494
Amita Chatterjee

35 The Natural History of Shame and its Modification by Confucian Culture 512
Ryan Nichols

Index 528