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The Blackwell Companion to Paul



The Blackwell Companion to Paul

Stephen Westerholm (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39576-1 March 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 632 Pages

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The Blackwell Companion to Paul presents a distinctive dual focus approach that encompasses both the historical Paul and the history of Paul's influence. In doing so, expert contributors successfully address the interests of students of early Christianity and those of Christian theology. 

  • Offers a complete overview of the life, writings and legacy of one of the key figures of Christianity
  • The essays compass the major themes of Paul's life and work, as well as his impact through the centuries on theology, Church teaching, social beliefs, art, literature, and contemporary intellectual thought 
  • Edited by one of the leading figures in the field of Pauline Studies 
  • The contributors include a range of world-renowned academics

Notes on Contributors xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction 1
Stephen Westerholm

Part I Paul and Christian Origins 7

1 Pauline Chronology 9
Rainer Riesner

2 Paul and the Macedonian Believers 30
Todd D. Still

3 Paul and the Corinthian Believers 46
Craig S. Keener

4 Paul and the Galatian Believers 63
Stephen Chester

5 Paul and the Believers of Western Asia 79
John Paul Heil

6 Paul and the Roman Believers 93
Beverly Roberts Gaventa

7 The Pastoral Epistles 108
I. Howard Marshall

8 The Portrait of Paul in Acts 124
Stanley E. Porter

9 The Gospel According to St. Paul 139
James D. G. Dunn

10 Paul and Scripture 154
J. Ross Wagner

11 Paul's Christology 172
Simon J. Gathercole

12 Paul, Judaism, and the Jewish People 188
John M. G. Barclay

13 Paul and the Law 202
Arland J. Hultgren

14 The Text of the Pauline Corpus 216
Dirk Jongkind

15 Rhetoric in the Letters of Paul 232
Jean-Noël Aletti

16 The Social Setting of Pauline Communities 248
Gerd Theissen

17 Women in the Pauline Churches 268
Margaret Y. MacDonald

18 Paul and Empire 285
N. T. Wright

Part II Readers of Paul 299

19 Marcion 301
Heikki Räisänen

20 Origen 316
Peter Widdicombe

21 Chrysostom 330
Christopher A. Hall

22 Augustine 345
Lewis Ayres

23 Aquinas 361
Matthew Levering

24 Luther 375
Mickey L. Mattox

25 Calvin 391
Anthony N. S. Lane

26 John and Charles Wesley 406
John R. Tyson

27 Barth 424
Richard E. Burnett

28 Recent Continental Philosophers 440
P. Travis Kroeker

29 Jewish Readings of Paul 455
Daniel R. Langton

30 Orthodox Readings of Paul 472
Theodore G. Stylianopoulos

31 African Readings of Paul 488
Grant LeMarquand

Part III The Legacy of Paul 505

32 Art 507
Robin M. Jensen

33 Literature 531
David Lyle Jeffrey

34 Christian Theology: Sin and the Fall 546
Marguerite Shuster

35 Christian Theology: The Spirit 561
Ralph Del Colle

36 Christian Theology: Ethics 576
Gilbert Meilaender

37 Christian Theology: The Church 589
Nicholas M. Healy

Index 605

“In sum, this companion deserves a place on the shelf of every student, pastor, and scholar. It will be of more use to the former two, but even the scholar may reap some insights from this volume, especially in the sections that are more foreign to one’s field. I highly recommend this work.”  (, 23 December 2015)

“The volume offers an up-to-date survey of major themes and current scholarship on Paul. Its attempt to bridge the gap between Paul and the reception of him through the ages and in theology is welcome.”  (Biblical Interpretations, 2015)

“He has not only succeeded in making that conversation possible but has also produced a comprehensive work on Paul that will be of great benefit to all who open its pages for many years to come.”  (Religious Studies Review, 12 September 2014)

“The contributors are first rate; the essays are concise, stimulating and informative; this is a very interesting and useful companion volume.”  (Journal for the Study of The New Testament, 2012)

"Despite the mountain of books on Paul, including some substantial single-authored overviews, there are, to my knowledge, no major, multi-author companions of the length and scope of this new addition to the Blackwell Companions series ... The book offers a wealth of material to inform and stimulate the study of Paul’s impact on the history of theology ... The editor has assembled an international and high-quality team of expert contributors, whose essays are well written and well informed ... An important reference point for students of Paul – and, equally, students of Paul’s impact on the history of Christian theology – for some time to come.” Theology, 2012) 

"This is a handsome, important volume that will be of great value to most students of the New Testament and early Christianity ... Highly recommended: upper-division undergraduates and above." (Choice, 2011)

“This broad and handsome volume is arguably the most comprehensive introduction to Paul ever produced … There is insight aplenty for every reader. Westerholm has assembled a stellar cast of scholars with a brief to elucidate the content and impact of Paul’s message through history ... A very worth-while collection of mostly top-notch articles by a group of scholars at the heights of their powers ... These essays could set the agenda for Pauline studies in some areas for many years to come and all will offer every student of Paul – expert and novice alike – much food for thought and further reflection.” (Regent's Reviews, 2011)