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The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Science

The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Science

Peter Machamer (Editor), Michael Silberstein (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-75661-4 January 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 360 Pages


This volume presentsa definitive introduction to the core areas of philosophy of science.
Notes on Contributors.


1. A Brief Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (and prognostications about its future): Peter Machamer (University of Pittsburgh).

2. Philosophy of Science: Classic Debates, Standard Problems, Future Prospects: John Worrall (London School of Economics).

3. Explanation: Jim Woodward (California Institute of Technology).

4. Structures of Scientific Theories: Carl F. Craver (Washington University, Saint Louis).

5. Reduction, Emergence and Explanation: Michael Silberstein (Elizabethtown College).

6. Models, Metaphors and Analogies: Daniela Bailer-Jones (University of Pittsburgh).

7. Experiment and Observation: James Bogen (University of Pittsburgh).

8. Induction and Probability: Alan Hajek (California Institute of Technology) and Ned Hall (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

9. Philosophy of Space-Time Physics: Craig Callender (University of California at San Diego) and Carl Hoefer (London School of Economics).

10 . Interpreting Quantum Theories: Laura Ruetsche (University of Pittsburgh).

11. Evolution: Roberta L. Millstein (California State University, Hayward).

12. Molecular and Developmental Biology: Paul Griffiths (University of Pittsburgh).

13. Cognitive science: Rick Grush (University of California, San Diego).

14. Philosophy of Social Science: Harold Kincaid (University of Alabama at Birmingham).

15. Feminist Philosophy of Science: Lynn Hankinson Nelson (University of Missouri-St. Louis).

"This is an accessible and informative overview of central issues and themes in contemporary philosophy of science." Philip Kitcher, Columbia University <!--end-->

"The standard of all the essays is high, they offer extensive guides to further reading and there is a short introduction on the history of philsophy of science ... it offers an excellent resource for students and others to find out about the latest developments in the philosophy of science." Time Higher Education Supplement

" is inspiring to hear someone articulately introduce their field without underestimating the intelligence of their audience -- a difficult feat. This is one such introductory book. "...[I]t tackles the field from the perspective of ongoing and emerging debates, and individuals and their ideas are contextualised within these discussions. As one expects from Blackwell, the book is of uniformly high quality." Metapsychology On-line Book Reviews

  • Presents a definitive introduction to the core areas of philosophy of science.

  • Contains 15 newly-commissioned articles, all of which are written by internationally distinguished scholars.

  • Each chapter reviews a problem, examines the current state of the discipline with respect to the topic, and discusses possible futures of the field.

  • Provides a solid foundation for further study.